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Flash Books: The Pocket Library of Modern Living
uublisher: WPT. Country: Liechtenstein. Date: 1962-69.

How to Improve Your Memory (Flash Books/WPT) (image)

How to Improve Your Memory: The Key to Success
Vaduz, WPT, c. 1968 (Flash Books, F 2 F, i.e. Flash Books, 2).

Flash Books advertisement, Straits Times, 1968 (image)

Display ad for the Flash Books series in The Straits Times (Singapore), 20 July 1968, p. 8.

Series Note:
The "Flash Books" series was also known as "Flash World Books".

This English language series was published by WPT [World Publications Trust Reg.] in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

The series was distributed in the United States by Ancorp National Services, New York, NY by also by the Universal Pub. and Distributing Corp., New York. It was distributed in Australia by the Southdown Press, Melbourne, Victoria. and in Singapore by S. S. Mubaruk & Bros. Ltd.

Format: small paperback (approx. 4 x 4 inches) with pictorial covers and humorous line drawings distributed throughout the pages inside.

Arranged alphabetically by title

All About Hypnosis. 1968.

The Art of Make-Up - J Dumont; L Meys. (Publisher: Triesenberg : General Pub. Trust, 1968.)

The Art of Table Decoration - F. Touraine. 1969.

The Art of Table Decoration - C. van Weyenbergh. 1969.

Astrology. 1969. Flash Books, 21.

Bachelor's Cook Book - C van Weyenbergh. 1969.

Beauty Around the Clock. Flash Books, F 4 F (i.e. Flash Books, 4). 1962.

Bringing Up Your Children - R. Ridayre and R. Verly. 1968. Flash Books, 12.

Complete Guide for the Mother-To-Be - J. Dumont. 1968. Flash Books, 3.

A Guide to Chess. 1969.

How to Be Self-Confident - P. Real, J. Dumont (Editor). No. F 7 F (i.e. Flash 7).

How to Be a Successful Hostess. 1969. No. 26.

How to Make Better Home Movies. Verviers, Belgium : Ed. Gerard, 1969. Flash Books, 22.

How to Improve Your Memory - A. Morsel / A. M. Cobbaert / L. Meys / J. Dumont. 1968. Flash Books, 2.

Karate: The Mastery of Attack and Defence. 1968.

Let's Dance: ... from the Waltz to the Latest. 1969. Flash Books, 28. 155 pages.

My Cat and I: Breeding, Health, Hygiene. 1968.

My Dog and I. 1969. Flash Books, 23.

Outdoor Living: The Barbeque. F 24 F (i.e. Flash 24). 1969.

Reduce Without Tears. Flash Books, 8.

Yoga For You: The Key to Self-Mastery. 1968.

Your Nerves: How to Reduce Tension - J. Dumont, ed. Triesenberg : General Pub. Trust, 1968. 158 pp.

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