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Flamingo Books
Publisher: Fontana Paperbacks. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1972-99.

Singapore Grip - J. G. Farrell (Flamingo Books/Fontana Paperbacks) (image)

The Singapore Grip by J. G. Farrell
Fontana Paperbacks, 1988 (Flamingo Books)

Paperback. 572 pages. Colour drawing by Glynn Boyd-Harte on front panel.

Series Note: This British paperback series published both fiction and nonfiction titles.

A select list of books from the Flamingo Books series from the years 1972-1999 appears below.

Arranged by year of publication


Tarzan: The Return of Tarzan
Edgar Rice Burroughs


Dirty Weekend
Helen Zahavi


A Chain of Voices
Andre Brink

Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions
Gloria Steinem

Separate Tracks
Jane Rogers


A Dry White Season
Andre Brink

From the Heat of the Day
Roy Heath

A Journey in Ladakh
Andrew Harvey

One Generation
Roy Heath

Taking it like a Woman
Ann Oakley

The Track The Forging Of A Rebel
Arturo Barea

The Ultimate Good Luck
Andre Brink

The Walled Kingdom: A History of China from 2000 BC to the Present
Witold Rodzinski


De Alfonce Tennis
J. P. Donleavy

English Journey
Beryl Bainbridge

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
Selected, edited and introduced by Mark Roskill

Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity
Gregory Bateson

My Last Breath
Luis Bunuel and Abigail Israel

The Perfect Stranger
P. J. Kavanagh

The Wall of the Plague
Andre Brink

Watson's Apology
Beryl Bainbridge

Young Adolf
Beryl Bainbridge


The Burden
Vladimir Rybakov. Translated by J. R. Dorrell.

Peter Somerhill-Large

Susan Minot

Pictures from the Water Trade: An Englishman in Japan
John David Morley

Sent for You Yesterday
John Edgar Wildeman

The Woman Destroyed
Simone de Beauvoir


Burning House
Andrew Harvey

Indian Country
Peter Matthiessen

Mating Birds
Lewis Nkosi

Seven Ages
Eva Figes


At Lady Molly's
Anthony Powell

Changes of Address
Lee Langley

Devil in the Dooryard
Gregory Blake Smith

The Kind Ones
Anthony Powell

Plato Park
Carol Rumens

Rumours of Rain
Andre Brink

The Singapore Grip
J. G. Farrell

War and Peace in Milton Keynes
James Rogers


Double Yoke
Buchi Emecheta

Idle Hill of Summer
Julia Hamilton

My Friend Matt and Hena the Whore
Adam Zameenzad

Stephen and Violet
Susan Barrett

Uncommon Wisdom
Fritjof Capra


An Instant In the Wind
Andre Brink

In Xanadu: A Quest
William Dalrymple

Rites of Autumn
Dan O'Brien

The Therapy of Avram Blok
Simon Louvish

The Towers of Trebizond
Rose Macaulay

The Ultimate Good Luck
Richard Ford


The Kitchen God's Wife
Amy Tan

Bright Lights, Big City
Jay Mcinerney

The Golden Notebook
Doris Lessing


Marsha Hunt


The Raven
Peter Landesman


Daughter of Fortune
Isabel Allende. Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden.

The Towers of Trezibond - Macaulay (Flamingo Books/Fontana) (image)

The Towers of Trebizond by Rose Macaulay
London, Fontana Paperbacks, 1990 (Flamingo Books)

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