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English Literature for Schools
Publisher: Cambridge University Press. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1908- .

Lives of Donne and Herbert - Isaak Walton (English Literature for Schools) (C.U.P.) (image)

Lives of Donne and Herbert
by Isaak Walton. S W C Roberts, ed.
Cambridge University Press, 1949 (English Literature for Schools series).
Hardback. No dust wrapper. 119 pages. Size: 12mo.

Series Note: Each volume originally issued as a hardback issued without dust wrapper. Some volumes have been reissued from c. 2012 as Print on Demand books in a paperback format.

Hardbacks issued with tan or terracotta brick cover with black lettering on spine and black lettering and CUP insignia on front panel

Size: 17.5 cm. I.e. 12mo.

Arranged alphabetically by title

The Alchemist - Ben Jonson. R. J. L. Kingsford, ed. xii, 134 pages. 1928.

Characters of Shakespeare's Plays - William Hazlitt. J. H. Lobban, ed. 1908.

Edward the Second - Christopher Marlowe. 1955; 2014.

The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon - Henry Fielding. Edited with introduction and notes by J.H. Lobban [John Hay Lobban]. 1913.

Lives of Donne and Herbert - Isaak Walton. S. W. C. Roberts, ed. 1949; 1957; 2014.

Memoirs of a Cavalier: or, A Military Journal of the Wars in Germany and the Wars in England - Daniel Defoe. Edited with an ntroduction and critical notes by Elizabeth O'Neill. 1908; 1922; 2014.

Narratives Selected from Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers. Edited with introduction and notes by George Wherry (Alpine Club, London). 1910.

On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History - Thomas Carlyle. George Edward Wherry, ed. 1911.

Parisian Scenes from A Tale of Two Cities -Charles Dickens. Edited with introduction and notes by J. H. Lobban. 1910.

The Paston Letters: A Selection Illustrating English Social Life in the Fifteenth Century. M. D. Jones, ed. 1909; 1922; 2015.

Plutarch's Lives: A Selection - Sir Thomas North, tr. 1932.

The Preface to the Fables - John Dryden. J. H. Williams {John Henry Williams], ed. With an introduction by Allen Mawer, etc. 1912.

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen. Abridged and edited by Mrs. Frederick Boas. 1941.

Rural Rides - William Cobbett. J. H. Lobban, ed. 1908.

Scenes from Eighteenth Century Comedies. Edited with an introduction on the history of British theatre and developments in comedy after the Restoration and with critical notes by A. Barter. 1910; 2014. Selections from six 18th century British comedies.

Selected Essays - Oliver Goldsmith. J. H. Lobban, ed. 1922.

Selections from De Quincey - Thomas De Quincey. Edited with an introduction and notes by E. B. Collins. 1910; 1921.

Selections from The Spectator. Edited with an introduction and notes by J. H. Lobban, ed. xxi, 248 pages 1909; 1928.

Selections in Prose and in Verse - Leigh Hunt [James Henry Leigh Hunt]. J. H. Lobban {John Hay Lobban], ed. 1909.

Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe - Silas Marner. F. E. Bevan, ed. 1912; 1952.

Tales of a Grandfather: Being the History of Scotland from the Earliest Period to the Battle of Flodden in 1513 - Sir Walter Scott. Edited with critical notes by P. Giles. 1909; 2015.

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus - Christopher Marlowe. A. H. Sleight [Albert Henry Sleight], ed. 64 pages. 1928; 1936.

The True Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captain John Smith in Europe, Asia, Africa and.. . Books I-III. E. A. Benians, ed. 2012.

Virgil s Aeneid: Books I, II and VI. John Dryden, tr. Introduction by Hamilton Thompson on the history of the Aeneid and of Dryden's 1697 translation of it. Critical notes on variations in the text of the translation. 1911; 2014.

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