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The Dumpy Books for Children
Publisher: Grant Richards; then Chatto & Windus. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1897-1904.

Series Note: A series of small format books for children. The books were selected by E. V. Lucas.

Serial No. / Title / Author / Publication Year / Illustrator

No. 1. The Flamp, the Ameliorator and the Schoolboy's Apprentice by E. V. Lucas. 1897.
No. 2. Mrs Turner's Cautionary Stories. 1897.
No. 3. The Bad Family and Other Stories by Mrs Fenwick . 1899.
No. 4. The Story of Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman. 1899.
No. 5. The Bountiful Lady by Thomas Cobb. 1900.
No. 6. A Cat Book by E. V. Lucas. 1901. Illustrated by H. Officer Smith.
No. 7. A Flower Book by Eden Coybee . 1901. Illustrated by Nellie Benson.
No. 8. The Pink Knight by J. R. Monsell. 1901. Illustrated by the author.
No. 9. The Little Clown by Thomas Cobb. 1901.
No. 10. A Horse Book by Mary Tourtel. 1901.

No. 11. Little People: An Alphabet by T. W. H. Crosland. 1901.
No. 12. A Dog Book by Ethel Bicknell. 1902. Illustrated by C. Moore Park.
No. 13. The Adventures of Samuel and Selina by Jean C. Archer. 1902.
No. 14. The Little Lost Girl by Eleanor Raper. 1902.
No. 15. Dollies by Richard Hunter. 1902. Illustrated by Ruth Cobb.
No. 16. The Bad Mrs. Giner by Honor C. Appleton. 1902. Illustrated by the author.
No. 17. Peter Piper's Practical Principles. 1902.
No. 18. The Little White Barbara. 1902.
No. 19. Japanese Dumpy. 1903.
No. 20. Towlocks and His Wooden Horse by Alice Appleton and Honor C. Appleton. 1903.

No. 21. The Three Little Foxes by Mary Tourtel. 1903.
No. 22. The Old Man's Bag by T. W. H. Crosland. 1903. Illustrated by J. R. Monsell>
No. 23. The Three Goblins by M. G. Taggart. 1903.
No. 24. Dumpy Proverbs by Honor C. Appleton. 1903. Illustrated by the author.
No. 25. More Dollies by Richard Hunter. 1903. Illustrated by Ruth Cobb.
No. 26. Little Yellow Wang-Lo by M.C. Bell. 1903.
No. 27. Plain Jane. 1903.
No. 28. The Sooty Man. 1903.
No. 29. Fishy Winkle by Jean Archer. 1903. Illustrated by the author.
No. 30. Rosalind. 1904.

No. 31. Sammy and the Snarliwink. 1904.
No. 32. The Motor Car Dumpy Book by T. W. H. Crosland and J. R. Monsell. 1904.
No. 33. Irene's Christmas Party by Richard Hunter and Ruth Cobb. 1904.
No. 34. The Little Soldier Book by Jessie Pope. 1907.
No. 35. A Dutch Doll’s Ditties by C. Aubrey Moore. 1907.
No. 36. Ten Little Nigger Boys by Nora Case. 1907.
No. 37. Humpty Dumpty’s Little Son by Helen Reid Cross. 1907.
No. 38. Simple Simon by Helen Reid Cross. 1907.
No. 39. The Little Frenchman by Eden Coybee. 1908.
No. 40. The Story of an Irish Potato by Lily Schofield 1908.

There were several other titles which lacked serial numbers:
The Coronation Dumpy Book Pictures by Patten Wilson. Text by T. W. H.Crosland. No date but c. 1902.
The Royal Dumpy. No date but c. 1902.
Daniel in the Lion's Den. 1903
Joseph and his Brethren. 1904

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