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Do-It-Yourself Series
Publisher: W. Foulsham & Co., Ltd. Country: United Kingdom. Date: c. 1930s - c. 1950s.

Bricklaying & Simple Building for Amateurs (Do-It-Yourself/Foulsham) (image)

Bricklaying & Simple Building for Amateurs
London, W. Foulsham & Co., Ltd., n.d. (The Do-It-Yourself Series)
Hardcover. Dust wrapper.

Series Note: Each of the volumes in this series was subtitled by the publishers as "'The Amateur's Guide to Professional Workmanship".

Titles arranged in alphabetical order

Bricklaying and Simple Building for Amateurs
Boot and Shoe Repairing for Amateurs
Clock and Watch Repairing for Amateurs
French Polishing and Wood Surface Finishing for Amateurs
Furniture and Repairing for Amateurs
The Home Electrician: A Guide for Amateurs
Painting, Distempering and Paperhanging for Amateurs
Plumbing, Soldering and Brazing for Amateurs
Practical Carpentry for Amateurs
Upholstery for Amateurs

Source of above list:
Page opposite title page in The Home Electrician: A Guide For Amateurs. W. Foulsham, c. 1950 (Do-It-Yourself series).

Further titles
Home-Made Wines and How to Make Them.
Wireless and Gramophone Cabinet Making for Amateurs

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