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Diamond Classics
Publisher: William Pickering. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1821-31.

Virgil (Diamond Classics/William Pickering) (image)

Publius Virgilius Maro
31, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Londini [= London], Gul. Pickering [=William Pickering], 1821
(Diamond Classics).

Virgil (Vergil) poems in a miniature edition with a very small typeface.

Hardback in tan calf binding, with gilt titles and decorative tooling. Red marbled endpapers. Blue text block edges. Black and white frontispiece portrait. 283 pages. 2 plates. Size: 8.8 x 5 x 1.5 cm. Printed by Charles Corrall.

Series Note: ____

Diamond Editions of the Classics

DIAMOND EDITION OF HOMER. -- Homeri Ilias et Odyssea, 2 vols. 48vo. price 12s. Beautifully executed in Diamond type, the smallest ever printed. A few copies are taken off on large paper, price 18s.

DIAMOND GREEK TESTAMENT, with a beautiful Frontispiece of the Last Supper, engraved by Worthington, by Leonardo da Vinci, 48vo. 10s. 6d.

The first specimen of a Greek New Testament executed in Diamond type, cast expressly for this edition.

The textus receptus has been carefully copied, being the Elzevir of 1624. To insure the greatest possible accuracy, every proof sheet has been critically examined eight times. When bound the volume may be inclosed in moderate sized card case, but the type is nevertheless so distinct and clear, that it may be read with ease and pleasure.

DIAMOND CLASSICS, dedicated with permission to Earl Spenser, K.G.

This collection of favourite Latin and Italian classics, beautifully printed by Corrall with Diamond type, forms the smallest edition ever published, being less than the Sedan, Elzevir, or Louvre, which it will be found to excel purity of text, literal accuracy, and typographical excellence. From their portability, these miniature classics will recommend themselves as convenient manuals for the scholar, the traveller, and the student. Complete sets in 10 vols. boards, 2l. 17s. [2 pounds, 17 shillings]; or bound in morocco, 4l. 7s. [4 pounds, 7 shillings].

HORATIUS, 48vo. red cloth boards, 6s.
VIRGILIUS, 48vo. red cloth boards, 6s.
TERENTIUS, 48vo. red cloth boards, 6s.
CATULLUS, TIBULLUS, ET PROPERTIUS, 48vo. red cloth boards, 6s.
CICERO DE OFFICIIS, &c. 48vo. red cloth boards, 6s.

DANTE, 2 vols., 48vo. red cloth boards, 10s.
TASSO, 2 vols., 48vo. red cloth boards, 10s.
PETRARCA, 48vo. red cloth boards, 6s.

DIAMOND SHAKESPEARE, 9 vols., 48vo. boards, with 38 plates, 2l. 2s. [2 pounds, 2 shillings]; or bound in morocco, price 3l. 10s. [3 pounds, 10 shillings].

This edition of Shakespeare, beautifully printed by Corrall, is uniform with the miniature Latin and Italian classics, and forms the most elegant edition ever published: the size of each volume is so diminuative that it may be carried in a card case. The embellishments are principally from designs by Stothard.

DIAMOND EDITION OF MILTON.-- Milton's Paradise Lost, printed with Diamond type, uniform with Shakespeare and the Classics. 48vo. price 5s. [5 shillings].

Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, From January to June, 1831, Volume CI [101]. London: J. B. Nichols & Son, 1831. p. 12.

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