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Daily Life
Publisher: George Allen and Unwin. Country: UK. Date: c. 1968.
Originally appeared as: Vie Quotidienne series published by Hachette, France, c. 1962.

Daily Life in Colonial Peru (by Jean Descola) (image)

Daily Life in Colonial Peru by Jean Descola
(a book in the Daily Life series)

DAILY LIFE (George Allen & Unwin)
Series Note:

Serial No./Title

1. Daily Life in the Time of Homer - Emile Mireaux

2. Daily Life in Florence at the Time of the Medicis - H Lucas-Dubreton

3. Daily Life in in Peru under the Last Incas - Louis Baudin

4. Daily Life in Carthage at the Time of Hannibal - Gilbert and Colette Charles-Picard

5. Daily Life in Russia under the Last Czar - Henri Troyat

6. Daily Life in France under Napoleon - Jean Robiquet

7. Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion - Jacques Gernet

8. Daily Life in Eighteenth Century Italy - Maurice Vaussard

9. Daily Life in the Kingdom of the Kongo - Georges Balandier

10. Daily Life in Colonial Peru - Jean Descola

11. Daily Life at Versailles in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries - Jean Levron

12. Daily Life in Early Canada - Raymond Douville and Jacques Casanova

13. Daily Life in Spain in the Golden Age - Marcelin Defourneaux

14. Daily Life in Papal Rome in the Eighteenth Century - Maurice Andrieux

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