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Crown Theological Library
Publisher: Williams and Norgate. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1903-21.
Also published in the United States by: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York.

The Virgin Birh of Christ (Crown Theological Library/Williams and Norgate) (image)

The Virgin Birth of Christ: An Historical and Critical Essay
by Paul Lobstein.
Translated Into English by Victor Leuliette. Edited, with an Introduction by W. D. Morrison.
London, Williams and Norgate, 1903 (Crown Theological Library).

Hardback, bound in cloth with gilt titles and decorations to front panel and spine. No dust wrapper as issued. 138p + 68p of publisher's catalogue.

Series Note: Published in the U.K. by Williams & Norgate, 14 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, and in the United States by G.P. Putnam's Sons.

The logo of Williams and Norgate which appears on the front panel of each of the hardback volumes features the famous quotation "E pur si muove" ["Eppur si muove"] (English transation, "And yet it moves" or "Still it moves") that was allegedly said by the Italian astonomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher and mathematician Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) in regard to the Earth after his recantation before the Inquisition.

Arranged alphabetically by title

Vol. I. Babel and Bible - Dr Friedrich Delitzsch.[Babel and Bible. Two Lectures Delivered before the Members of the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft in the Presence of the German Emperor ... Edited, with an Introduction, by C.H.W. Johns.]
Vol. II. The Virgin Birth of Christ: An Historical and Critical Essay - Paul Lobstein.
Vol. III. My Struggle for Light: Confessions of a Preacher - R. Wimmer.
Vol. IV. Liberal Christianity: Its Original, Nature, and Mission - Jean Reville.
Vol. V. What is Christianity? Sixteen Lectures - Adolf Harnack.

Vol. VI. Faith and Morals - W. Herrmann. [Faith and Morals. I - Faith as Ritschl Defined It. II - The Moral Law as Understood in Romanism and Protestantism. - Wilhelm Herrmann; Donald Matheson; Robert W Stewart]
Vol. VII. Early Hebrew Story: A Study of the Origin, the Value, and the Historical Background of the Legends of Israel - John R. Peters, D.D.
Vol. VIII. Bible Problems and the New Material for their Solution - Prof. T. K. Cheyne, D.Litt., D.D.
Vol. IX. The Doctrine of the Atonement and its Historical Evolution, and Religion and Modern Culture - The Late Auguste Sabatier. Victor Leuliette, tr.
Vol. X. The Early Christian Conception of Christ: Its Significans and Value in the History of Religion - Otto Pfleiderer.

Vol. XI. The Child and Religion: Eleven Essays by Various Writers. [Thomas M Stephens; Henry Jones]
Vol. XI [sic]. The Religious Training of Children in the Free Churches - Robert Forman Horton.
Vol. XI [sic]. The Religious Training of Children among the Jews - Aaron Asher Green
Vol. XI [sic]. Baptists and the Children - George Hill (Baptist minister].
Vol. XI [sic]. The Conversion of Children - John Cynddylan Jones.
Vol. XI [sic]. The Child and its Environment - Charles Frederick Gurney MASTERMAN, Right Hon.
Vol. XI [sic]. The Religious Training of the Child in the Church of England - Herbert Hensley HENSON, successively Bishop of Hereford and of Durham.
Vol. XI [sic]. The Child's Capacity for Religion - George Trumbull Ladd.
Vol. XI [sic]. The Child and Sin - Frederick Robert TENNANT.
Vol. XI {sic]. New Church Training - Joseph John THORNTON.
Vol. XII. The Evolution of a Religion: An Anthropological Study - L. R. Farnell, M.A., D.Litt.
Vol. XIII. The Books of the New Testament - Baron Hermann von Soden, D.D.
[The History of early Christian Literature: The Writings of the New Testament - Hermann Soden, Freiherr von; W D Morrison; J R Wilkinson] [13.2 Books of the New Testament : contributions to early Christian literature - Hermann von Soden; J R Wilkinson; William Douglas Morrison]
Vol. XIV. Jesus - W. Bousset. [Wilhlem Bousset] William Douglas Morrison; afterwards TREVELYAN. Janet Penrose WARD.
Vol. XV. The Communion of the Christian with God - W. Herrmann. Revised and much enlarged Edition.

Vol. XVI. Hebrew Religion: To the Establishment of Judaism under Ezra - W. E. Addis, M.A.
Vol. XVII. Naturalism and Religion - Rudolf Otto.
Vol. XVIII. Essays on the Social Gospel - Dr Adolf Harnack and Dr Herrmann.
Vol. XIX. The Religion of the Old Testament - Karl Marti.
Vol. XX. Luke the Physician: Being Volume One of Dr Adolf Harnack's New Testament Studies.

Vol. XXI. The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Prof. Kirsopp Lake.
Vol. XXII. The Apologetic of the New Testament - E. F. Scott.
Vol. XXIII. The Sayings of Jesus: Being Volume Two of Dr Adolf Harnack's New Testament Studies. [The Sayings of Jesus : The Second Source of St. Matthew and St. Luke - Adolf von Harnack; J R Wilkinson]
Vol. XXIV. Anglican Liberalism - Twelve Churchmen.
Vol. XXV. The Fundamental Truths of the Christian Religion: Sixteen Lectures Delivered in the University of Berlin During the Winter Term of 1901-2 - Dr. R. Seeberg [Reinhold Seeberg].

Vol. XXVI. The Life of the Spirit: An Introduction to Philosophy - Dr Rudolf Eucken. Frank Lubecki Pogson, tr.
Vol. XXVII. The Acts of the Gospels: Being Volume Three of Dr Adolf Harnack's New Testament Studies.
Vol. XXVIII. Monasticism and the Confessions of St Augustine - Dr Adolf Harnack.
Vol. XXIX. Modernity and the Churches - Prof. Percy Gardner.
Vol. XXX - The Old Egyptian Faith - Prof. Edouard Naville. Illustrated.

Vol. XXXI. The Constitution and Law of the Church in the First Two Centuries - Dr. Adolf Harnack.
Vol. XXXII. The Scientific Study of the Old Testament: Its Principal Results, and Their Bearing upon Religious Instruction - Rudolf Kittel; J Caleb Hughes.
Vol. XXXIII. The Date of the Acts and of the Synoptic Gospel [New Testament Studies IV: The Date of the Acts and the Synoptic Gospels] - Adolf von Harnack; J R Wilkinson.
Vol. XXXIV. The Religious Experience of Saint Paul - Percy Gardner.
Vol. XXXV. Pharisaism: Its Aim and Its Method - R. Travers Herford.

Vol. XXXVI. Bible Reading in the Early Church - Adolf von Harnack; J R Wilkinson. [New Testament Studies V. Bible Reading in the Early Church]
Vol. XXXVII. Protestantism and Progress: A Historical Study of the relation of Protestantism to the Modern World - Ernst Troeltsch; W Montgomery.
Vol. XXXVIII. Present-day Ethics in their Relations to the Spiritual Life - Rudolf Eucken.
Vol. XXXIX. Knowledge and Life - Rudolf Eucken; W Tudor Jones.
Vol. XL. The Ephesian Gospel - Percy Gardner.

Vol. XLI. Evolution in Christian Doctrine - Percy Gardner.
Vol. XLII.
Vol. XLIII. History of Sacrament in relation to Thought and Progress - Alice Gardner.
Vol. XLIV. Is God Limited? - Francis John MACCONNELL, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Vol. XLV. New Testament Studies. VI. The Origin of the New Testament and the Most Important Consequences of the New Creation - Adolf von Harnack; J R Wilkinson.

Vol. XLVI. The Message of the Fourth Gospel - Lewis Andrew Muirhead.

Serial Numbers Not Known

Modern Christianity or, The Plain Gospel Modernly Expounded - John P. Peters. Putnam, 1909.

The Religion of Christ in the Twentieth Century. 1906.

The Programme of Modernism: A Reply to the Encyclical of Pius X., Pascendi Domonici Gregis - George Tyrrell; Alfred Leslie Lilley; Catholic Church. Pope (1903-1914 : Pius X). 1908.

Paul the Mystic: A Study in Apostolic Experience - James M. Campbell. 1908.

The Religion of Israel - Alfred Loisy; Arthur Howard Galton. 1910.

The Papacy: The Idea and Its Exponents - Gustav Kruger; C A Miles; F M S Batchelor. 1909.

Protestant Modernism, or, Religious Thinking for Thinking Men - David Clarence Torrey. 1910.

The Resurrection in the New Testament: An Examination of the Earliest References to the Rising of Jesus and of Christians from Dead - Clayton R. Bowen. 1911.

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