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Corgi Books
Publisher: Transworld. Country: U.K. Date: c. 1950- .

The Third Eye (Lobsang Rampa) (Corgi, 1965) (image)

The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa
London: Transworld, 1965 (Corgi Books)
Paperback. 190 pages.

Series Note:
Some of the authors published by Corgi Books Included Ray Bradbury, Catherine Cookson, Joseph Heller, James A. Michener, Lobsang Rampa, John Steinbeck and Leon Uris. .

Title / Author / Year First Published

The Pastures of Heaven - John Steinbeck. 1953.

The Illustrated Man - Ray Bradbury. 1955.

Exodus - Leon Uris. 1960.

Catch 22 - Joseph Heller. 1964.

Pale Fire - Vladmir Nabokov. 1964.

The Last of the Plainsmen - Zane Grey. 1966.

The Shape of Things to Come - H. G. Wells. 1967.

The Mallen Streak - Catherine Cookson. 1973.

The Destroyer: Union Bust - Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy. 1974.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycled Maintenance: An Enquiry into Values - Robert A. Pirsig. 1974.

Malice - Danielle Steel. 1996.


S Marcus. The other Victorians: a study in sexuality and pornography in mid-nineenth century England. Corgi, 70

Nostradamus. The prophesies of Nostradamus. L., Corgi

Lobsang Rampa. The Third Eye.

TL Rampa. As it was! Corgi, 78

James A. Michener. Tales of the South Pacific.

JA Michener. Caravans. (Corgi) Transworld, 66

James A. Michener. Sayonara.

JA Michener. The drifters. Corgi, 72 73

JA Michener. Iberia: Spanish travels and reflections. v 1, 2 [boxed]. Corgi, 71

J. Irving. The World According to Garp.

P Réage. The story of O. L., Corgi

R Bradbury. The golden apples of the sun. (Corgi) L., Transworld, 86

Henry Lawson. The drover’s wife and other stories. Corgi

M West. The clowns of God. Corgi

Jacqueline Susann. Valley of the Dolls.

I. Harel. The House on Garibaldi Street.

WJ Lederer/E Burock. The ugly american. Corgi, 67

J Baron. KGB: the secret work of Soviet secret agents. Corgi, 75

W Burroughs. The naked lunch. L, Corgi, 74

D Lindsey. A cold mind. Corgi, 83

WP Blatty. The exorcist. Corgi, 72

K Follett. On wings of eagles. Corgi, 84

L Uris. Mila 18. corgi, 63

L Uris. The Haj. Corgi, 84

R Daley. Year of the dragon. Corgi, dt = ?

J Heller. Good as gold. Corgi, 80

K Follett. The key to Rebecca. (Corgi) Transworld, 81

W Styron. Sophie’s choice. (Corgi) Transworld, 84

I Stone. The Greek treasure: a biographical novel of Henry and Sophia Schliemann. Corgi, 76

B Aldiss. Billion year spree: the history of science fiction. Corgi, 75

J Rossner. Looking for Mr Goodbar. Corgi, 76 77

J Blish. ...and all the stars a stage. Corgi, 75

WM Miller, Jr. A canticle for Leibowitz. Corgi, 63 79

P Roth. Letting go. Corgi, 64 71

J Kosinski.. Being there. Corgi, 80

F Muir. The Frank Muir book: na irreverent companion to social history. Corgi, 77

J Baldwin. Go tell it on the mountain. Corgi, 63 76

D Niven. Bring on the empty horses. Corgi, 75

M Durack. Kings in grass castles. (Corgi) L., Transworld, 67

J London. The star rover. (Corgi SF Collectors Library) (Corgi) Transworld, 76

B Mollison/D Holmgren. Permaculture One: a perennial agriculture for human settlements. (Corgi) Transworld, 78

J London. The star rover. (Corgi SF Collectors Library) (Corgi) Transworld, 76

RA Monroe. Journeys out of the body. lon., Corgi Bks, 64

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