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Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature
Publisher: Thomas Constable & Co., Edinburgh. Country: Scotland.
Joint Publisher: Hamilton, Adams, & Co., London. Country: England.
Joint Publisher: James McLashan, Dublin. Country: Ireland.
Date: 1854-55.

Wanderings in Corsica (Gregorovius) (Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature) (image)

Wanderings in Corsica (Vol. 1.)
Ferdinand Gregorovius
Edinburgh: Thomas Constable, 1855.
(Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature, Vol. 5.)
Hardback with blind stamped gilt decorated cover. Engraved colour map of Corsica.
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Series Note:
"For our supply of the comforts and luxuries of life, we lay the world under contribution: fresh from every quarter of the globe we draw a portion of its yearly produce. The field of literature is well-nigh as broad as that of commerce; as rich and varied in its annual fruits; and, if gleaned carefully, might furnish to our higher tastes as large an annual ministry of enjoyment. Believing that a sufficient demand exists to warrant the enterprise, Thomas Constable & Co. propose to present to the British public a Series of the most popular accessions which the literature of the globe is constantly receiving. Europe alone,—its more
northern and eastern lands especially,—offers to the hand of the selector most inviting and abundant fruits; Asia may supply a few rarer exotics; whilst in America the fields are whitening to a harvest into which many a hasty sickle has been already thrust, and from which many a rich sheaf may be hereafter gathered.

Fully aware of the extent and difficulty of such an effort, the Publishers will spare no pains to make the execution of their undertaking commensurate with its high aim. They have already opened channels of communication with various countries, and secured the aid of those who are minutely acquainted with their current literature; and they take this opportunity of stating, that even where no legal copyright in this country can be claimed by the author or publisher of a work of which they may avail themselves, an equitable share of any profit which may arise from its sale will be set aside for his advantage.

The Series will be made as varied as possible, that there may be something in it to suit the tastes of all who seek instruction or healthful recreation for the mind,—and its range will therefore be as extensive as the field of Literature itself: while, at the same time, it shall be the endeavour of its editors to select, for the most part, works of general or universal interest.

The Publishers are unable to state the exact periods at which their Miscellany of Foreign Literature will appear, but they believe that the number of volumes issued during the first year will not exceed six; so that taking the average price per volume as Three Shillings and Sixpence, the cost to Subscribers would not exceed One Guinea; while, by the addition of a special title-page for each work issued, those persons who may wish to select an occasional publication will be saved the awkwardness of placing in their library a volume or volumes evidently detached from a continuous Series."

-- Source: Publisher's advertisement in final pages of Wanderings in Corsica (Vol. 1) (1855) by Ferdinand Gregorovius.

Checklist of titles arranged by volume number

Vol. 1.
Hungarian Sketches in Peace and War.
From the Hungarian of Moritz Jókai.

Vol. 2.
Athens and the Peloponnese with Sketches of Northern Greece.
From the German of Hermann Hettner.

Vol. 3.
Tales of Flemish Life.
By Hendrick Conscience.

Vol. 4.
Chronicles of Wolfert's Roost and Other Papers.
By Washington Irving.

Vols. 5-6.
Wanderings in Corsica: Its History and its Heroes (2 volumes).
Translated from the German of Ferdinand Gregorovius

Vol. 7.
Britanny and La Vendéé: Tales and Sketches, with a notice of the life and literary character of Émile Souvestre.

Vol. 8.
Recollections of Russia During Thirty-Three Year's Residence by a German Nobleman.
Revised and translated, with the author's sanction, by Lascuelles Wraxall.

Vol. 9.
Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day.
By Edmond About.

Vol. 10.
Tolla: A Tale of Modern Rome.
By Edmond About.

Wanderings in Corsica (Gregorovius) (Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature) (image)

Engraved map of Corsica in Wanderings in Corsica (Vol. 1.) by Ferdinand Gregorovius

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