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Common Sense (book series)
Publisher: Victor Gollancz Ltd. Country: U.K. Date: 1960-62.

Common Sense About the Arab World by Erskine B. Childers

London: Victor Gollancz, 1960. First Edition. .
Hardcover with dustjacket. 192 pages. Includes bibliography.

This book "begins by discussing the global importance of the [Arab world] at the present time. It traces the history of Arab awakening and shows how a great body of myths and misconceptions about it arose in the West; and it deals in detail with the various Arab revolutions of the last ten years. Other chapters analyse the Arab-Israeli problem and the significance of Arab unity and Arab unions." -- Description on dustjacket.

Series Note:
The Common Sense series of books addressed issues of current affairs that were being discussed in the 1960s. The books aimed at providing a "general objective background on a particular topic and were addressed at the general reader who did not have specialised knowledge of the field" (Wikipedia).

Arranged in order of publication

Conquest, Robert (1960). Common sense about Russia.

Wint, Guy (1960). Common sense about China.

Sampson, Anthony (1960). Common sense about Africa.

Panikkar, K. M. (1960). Common sense about India.

Childers, Erskine B. (1960). Common sense about the Arab world.

Rolph, C. H. (1961). Common sense about crime and punishment.

Mason, Philip (1961). Common sense about race.

Hadham, John (1961). Common sense about religion.

Carpenter, Edward (1961). Common sense about Christian ethics.

Calder, Ritchie (1962). Common sense about a starving world.

Wills, W. David (1962). Common sense about young offenders.

Cahn, Edmond (1962). Common sense about democracy; or, The predicament of democratic man.

Bailey, Sherwin (1962). Common sense about sexual ethics : a Christian view.

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