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Collins Seagull Library
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North to Adventure by K. M. Peyton (image)

North to Adventure by K. M. Peyton (1968 printing)

Serial No./Title/Author/Year

Boys' Titles

Blackadder – John Kerr Cross
The Scoter Island Adventure – Conan Fraser
Wolf Dog Valley – Kenneth Gilbert
The Jungle Fighters – David Guy
The Adventures of Turkey – Ray Harris
Black Tiger – Thomas C. Hinkle
Seventh Cavalry – Jeff Jeffries
The Fighting Marshall – Jeff Jeffries
Jet Sled Dog of the North – West Lathrop
Moby Dick – Herman Melville
Silver Chief – Jack O"Brien
North to Adventure – K. M. Peyton
Wells Fargo – John Robb
Gun Town Marshal – John Robb
Cry Apaches! – John Robb
Coaster's Mate – Wilfrid Robertson
Safari – Wilfrid Robertson
The Young Crusoes – Burton Spiller
Kidnapped – R. L. Stevenson
Treasure Island – R. L. Stevenson
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Mark Twain
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Jules Verne

Girls' Titles

Little Women – Louisa M. Alcott
Little Men – Louisa M. Alcott
Good Wives – Louisa M. Alcott
Jo's Boys – Louisa M. Alcott
The Fortunes of Frick – Mollie Chappell
The Sugar and Spice – Mollie Chappell
Elizabeth of the Garrett Theatre – Gwendoline Courtney
Summer of the Great Secret – Monica Edwards
Dancing Star – Gladys Malvern
Holiday Summer - Decie Merwin
The Betrayer – Violet Needham
The House of the Paladin – Violet Needham
Party Frock – Noel Streatfeild
Jean Tours a Hospital – Doreen Swinburne
Jean Becomes a Nurse - Yvonne Trewin
A Friend for Frances – P. M. Warner
If It Hadn't Been for Frances – P. M. Warner

Children's Titles

The Princess and the Goblin – George MacDonald
The Princess and Curdie – George MacDonald
Black Beauty – Anna Sewell
The Children of Primrose Lane – Noel Streatfeild

Source of above list: Collins Seagull Library list on back of dustcover of Wells Fargo by John Robb (London, Collins, 1961).

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