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Collins' Modern Fiction
(also known as: Collins' 7d. net Modern Fiction)
Publisher: Collins Clear-Type Press. Country: U.K. Date: c. 1905 - c. 1930.

The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton (Collins' Modern Fiction) (image)

The Strange Adventure Of A Phaeton by William Black
London & Glasgow: Collins' Clear Type Press, no date [but c.1910-20].
(Collins' Modern Fiction series)
Hardback with bright red boards. Beautiful colour frontispiece and title page. 375 pages.

Series Note:
"Collins' 7d. net Modern Fiction
(In Great Britain only)

Coloured Frontispiece and Designed Title Page in Colour.

The issue of COLLINS' MODERN FICTION marks the greatest revolution the world of books has ever witnessed. It is now possible to obtain for a small sum a real library of the best books by the best authors of modern times.

The volumes issued from the CLEAR-TYPE PRESS are well printed, in Bold Type, on Opaque Paper; the covers are dainty and attractive, while the Binding ensures that the books will open freely."

Source of the above description and of the list below: Vanity Fair by W. M. Thackeray. Collins Clear-Type Press, n.d. (but with inscripton dated 12 May 1913) (Collins' Illustrated Pocket Classics)

Arranged by serial number

1. The Great Refusal - Maxwell Gray
3. The Brown Eyes of Mary - Madame Albanesi
4. The Golden Butterfly - Besant and Rice
6. A Weaver of Webs - John Oxenham
7. Saints in Society - M. Baillie-Saunders
8. The Wreck of the Grosvenor - W. Clark Russell
9. Comin' Thro' the Rye - Helen Mathers
10. The Deemster - Hall Caine
11. The Happy Valley - B. M. Croker
12. A Daughter of Heth - William Black
13. New Arabian Nights - R. L. Stevenson
15. American Wives and English Husbands - Gertrude Atherton
16. the Tongues of Conscience - Robert Hichens
17. Dear Lady Disdain - Justin McCarthy
18. The Tempestuous Petticoat - Robert Barr
19. A Ward of the Golden Gate - Bret Harte
20. The Pennycomequicks - S. Baring-Gould
21. Under the Greenwood Tree - Thomas Hardy
22. In Silk Attire - William Black
23. The FIre of Girdlestone - A. Conan Doyle
24. Kilmeny - William Black
25. The School for Saints - John Oliver Hobbes
26. Ready-Money Mortiboy - Besant and Rice
27. Nature's Comedian - W. E. Norris
28. The Luck of the Fairfaxes - Katharine Tynan
29. Comethup - Tom Gallon
30. A Sack of Shakings - Frank T. Bullen
31. Red Spider - S. Baring-Gould
32. Pretty Polly Pennington - Madame Albanese
33. Genevra - C. Marriott
34. Windyhaugh - Graham Travers
35. The Locum Tenens - Victor L. Whitechurch
36. A Princess of Thule - William Black
37. Daireen - Frankfort Moore
38. A Blind Bird's Nest - Mary Findlater
39. A Waif of the Plains - Bret Harte
40. Terence - B. M. Croker
41. The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton - William Black
42. Brendle - Marmaduke Pickthall
43. Eve - S. Baring-Gould
44. How to be Happy though Married - Rev. E. J. Hardy
45. Macleod of Dare - William Black
46. Loaves and Fishes - Bernard Capes
47. My Little Girl - Besant and Rice
48. The Light of Scarthey - Egerton Castle
49. The Amazing Duke - Sir Wm. Magnay, Bart.
50. Diana Barrington - B. M. Croker
51. Sister Anne - Madame Albanesi
52. A Gentleman of London - Morice Gerard
53. An English Girl in Paris - Constance E. Maud
54. Despair's Last Journey - D. C. Murray
55. Running Water - A. E. W. Mason
56. John Holdsworth - Chief Mater - W. Clark Russell
57. The Ivory Gate - Walter Besant
58. The Tempting of Paul Chester - Alice and Claude Askew
59. A Royal Indiscretion - Richard Marsh
60. The Castle-Baron's Daughter - Harold Bindloss
61. A Breach of Promise - Lady Troubridge
62. Harum Scarum - Esme Stuart
63. The Journal of a Jealous Woman - Percy White
64. The Fowler - Beatrice Harraden
65. Count Bunker - F. Storer Clouston
66. Robert Orange - John Oliver Hobbes
67. The Parish Nurse - Mary E. Mann
68. Eve and the Law - Alice and Claude Askew
69. The Path of a Star - Mrs Everard Cotes (Sara Jeannette Duncan)
70. The Shadow of a Crime - Hall Caine
71. George V., Our Sailor King - Robert Hudson
72. Pretty Miss Neville - B. M. Croker
73. My French Friends - Constance E. Maud
74. Sicilian Lovers - Douglas Sladen

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