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Chatto Curiosities of the British Street
Publisher: Chatto & Windus. Country: U.K. Date: 1989-90.

Pillar Boxes (by Jonathan Glancey) (Chatto Curiosities of the British Street) (image)

Pillar Boxes by Jonathan Glancey

London, Chatto & Windus, 1990 (Chatto Curiosities of the British Street)

"For over a century and a half, the bright red pillar box has been a distinctive, practical and extremely popular feature in the streets of Britain and its former colonies. As Jonathan Glancey's entertaining and exhaustive survey makes clear, the pillar box comes in many more shapes and sizes than one might at first imagine; it has also stood the test of time, in that boxes dating back to Rowland and Hill are still in use, while unworthy attempts to supplant the traditional cast-iron boxes have been successfully beaten off."
-- Back cover

"This book is a small testament to a pillar of public service, in the hope that some future privatisation scheme may not destroy a treasured and efficient national institution in the vainglorious pursuit of spurious modernisation and mindless profit."
-- Preface, page vii

Series Note: "A unique series devoted to those familiar and -- until recently -- well-designed and carefully made props of public life which we all too easily take for granted, from manhole covers and pillar boxes to park benches and area railings."
-- Back cover of each volume in the series


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Pillar Boxes by Jonathan Glancey

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