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Cassell's Pocket Reference Library
Publisher: Cassell and Company, Ltd. Country: U.K. Date: First published c. 1910.

French Conversation (Cassell's Pocket Reference Library) (image)

Series Note: Small vest pocket sized books (size: 16mo or 32mo; 2 x 7.5 cm), bound in brown leather or cloth (red, green, olive, blue, putty, etc.

Title/Author/Date/Other Details

English Dictionary

Cassell's Miniature French-English Dictionary: With an Appendix Containing Irregular Verbs, Proper Names, Weights and Measures, Etc., And a Guide to the Menu
by F. F. Bovet (1917; 1937). 288 pp.

French Conversation for English Travellers / Conversation Anglaise Pour Voyageurs Français
by F. F. Bovet. (1913; 1917.) 250 pp.

German Conversation for English Travellers
by F. F. Bovet. 263 pp.

A Dictionary of Musical Terms: A Handbook of Definitions and Descriptions
by Jeffrey Pulver (1913.) 214 pp.

Poetical Quotations. Classified under Subject Headings, and Fully Indexed
[also titled: A Dictionary of Poetical Quotations (Classified) ]
by W. Gurney Benham (1910.) 260 pp.

Prose Quotations, Classified under Subject-Headings, and Fully Indexed
[also titled: A Dictionary of Prose Quotations (Classified) ]
by W. Gurney Benham (1912.) 260 pp.

Proverbs and Maxims
by John L. Rayner (1910; 1919; 1927; 1938.) 252 pp.

What Was That? A Dictionary of Dates

A Dictionary of Mythology: Being a Concise Guide to the Myths of Greece and Rome, Babylonia, Egypt, America, Scandinavia & Great Britain
by Lewis Spence (1910)

Abrreviations, British and Foreign
(also titled: A Dictionary of Abbreviations, British and Foreign)
by A. E. Dobbs (1911). 215 pp.

A Gazetteer of the British Isles

The Pocket Doctor
Author: ??. (1910)

The Pocket Gardener: A Concise Dictionary, Giving Descriptions of Garden Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables, with Details of Cultivation, Etc.
by H. H. Thomas. (1911.) 298 pp.

Dictionary of Etiquette

Compiled by Marjorie Luxmore. (1910; 1916.)
213 pp.

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