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Cape Editions
Publisher: Jonathan Cape. Country: U.K. Date: 1967-71.

Histoire Extraordinaire by Michel Butor (Cape Editions) (image

Histoire Extraordinaire: Essays on a Dream of Baudelaire's by Michel Butor.
Translated from the French by Richard Howard.

London, Jonathan Cape, 1969 (Cape Editions).
Paperback. Bibliography, note on the author, and list of Cape Editions titles to rear.
176 pages. 178mm x 110mm.

"The distinguished novelist and essayist Michel Butor has written one of the most remarkable critical studies of recent years. In Histoire Extraordinaire he discusses the three stages in the life of Charles Baudelaire, and relates them to his three important works and the three major factors in his inspiration: Les Leshiennes and his mistress Jeanne Duval: Les Limbes and the revolutionaries of 1848; and, finally, Les Fleurs du Mal and Edgar Allan Poe. Gradually, Butor's 'spiralling' technique reveals the links between poetry and sexuality, poetry and revolution, and poetry and suicide in the work of Baudelaire." -- Publisher blurb

Series Note:
A collection of short books, mostly modern and frequently in translation.

One critic described this series as follows: "the remarkable Cape Editions series of seminal modern texts: poetry, prose, anthropology, drama, many of them pioneering translations".

The general editor of this series was the professor and poet Nathaniel Tarn.

Serial No/Title/Date/Author

1. The Scope of Anthropology (1967) - Claude Lévi-Strauss
Translated Sherry Ortner Paul and Robert A. Paul.

2. Call Me Ishmael - Charles Olson

3. Writing Degree Zero (1967) - Roland Barthes
Translated from the French original Le Degré zéro de l'écriture by Annette Lavers and Colin Smith.

4. Elements of Semiology - Roland Barthes
Translated from the French original Éléments de sémiologie

5. I Wanted to Write a Poem - William Carlos Williams|

6. The Memorandum (1967) - Václav Havel
Translated from the Czech by Vera Blackwell

7. Selected Poems - Nazim Hikmet
Translated from the Turkish by Taner Baybars

8. Aphorisms & Letters - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

9. Tango - Slavomir Mrozek

10. On Love ... Aspects of a Single Theme - José Ortega y Gasset

11. Manhood - Michel Leiris
Translated from the French original L’Âge d’homme

12. Bees: Their Vision, Chemical Senses, and Language - Karl von Frisch

13. Lunar Caustic (1968) - Malcolm Lowry

14. Twenty Prose Poems - Charles Baudelaire

15. Journeys - Günter Eich

16. A Close Watch on the Trains - Bohumil Hrabal

17. Mayan Letters (1968) - Charles Olson
Edited by Robert Creeley.

18. The Courtship Habits of the Great Crested Grebe - Julian Huxley

19. The Supermale - Alfred Jarry
Translated from the French original Le Surmâle

20. Poems & Antipoems - Nicanor Parra
Translated from the Spanish original Poemas y antipoemas

21. In Praise of Krishna: Songs from the Bengali

22. History Will Absolve Me - Fidel Castro
Translated from the Spanish original La historia me absolverá

23. Selected Poems (1968) - Georg Trakl
Translated by Robert Grenier et al. Edited by Christopher Middleton.

24. Selected Poems - Yves Bonnefoy

25. Ferdinand - Louis Zukofsky

26. The Recluse - Adalbert Stifter

27. Dialectical Materialism - Henri Lefebvre
Translated from the French original, Le Matérialisme dialectique

28. _____

29. Soul on Ice - Eldridge Cleaver

30. The Human Sciences and Philosophy - Lucien Goldmann
Translated from the French original Sciences humaines et philosophie

31. Selected Poems (1969) - André Breton

32. Soap (1969) - Francis Ponge
Translated from the original French Le Savon by Lane Dunlop

33. Histoire extraordinaire: Essay on a dream of Baudelaire's (1969) - Michel Butor
Translated from the original French essay, Histoire extraordinaire: essai sur un rêve de Baudelaire by Richard Howard

34. Conversations with Claude Lévi-Strauss - Georges Charbonnier
Translated from the French original Entretiens avec Claude Lévi-Strauss

35. An Absence - Uwe Johnson
Translated from the original German work Eine Reise wegwohin

36. A Critique of Pure Tolerance - Robert Paul Wolff, Barrington Moore Jr., Herbert Marcuse
37. The Garden Party - Václav Havel
Translated from the original Czech work Zahradní slavnost

38. Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (1969) - Pablo Neruda
Translated from the original Spanish poems, Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada by W. S. Merwin

39. Genesis as Myth and Other Essays (1969) - Edmund Leach

40. Cold Mountain (1970) - Han-Shan
Translated from the original Chinese by Burton Watson

41. The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1970) - J. D. Bernal

42. The Death of Lysanda (1970) - Yitzhak Orpaz
Translated by Richard Flint

* * *

Later Additions

46. Poems (1971) - Hermann Hesse
Translated from the German originals by James Wright

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