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Cambridge Elementary Classics
Publisher: Cambridge University Press. Country: United Kingdom. Date: c. 1889- .

Cicero: Verres in Sicily (Cambridge Elementary Classics) (image)

Cicero: Verres in Sicily
Edited by H.Grose-Hodge and E. W. Davies.
Cambridge University Press, 1935.
(Cambridge Elementary Classics)
Harback. No dust wrapper (as issued). 134 pages.

Series Note: The following is a series description and annotated list of the first volumes released:

Cambridge Elementary Classics

A series of editions of Greek and Latin authors intended for use in preparatory schools and the junior forms of secondary schools.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Classical Association and other bodies the volumes contain the following special features:--

(1) Vocabularies in all cases.
(2) Illustrations where possible, drawn from authentic sources.
(3) Simplification of the text, where necessary.
(4) The marking of vowels long by nature in the text of Latin prose authors.

The following volumes are now in active preparation:--

Caesar in Britain and Belgium. Simplified text, with introduction, notes, exercises, and vocabulary, by J. H. SLEEMAN, Lecturer in Latin at the University of Sheffield. Introduction 30 pp., Text 45 pp., Notes 28 pp. Exercises 25 pp. With illustrations and maps. 1s. 6d.

The text provides a continuous Latin narrative of Caesar's invasion of Britain and the attack on Cicero's camp, not too difficult for pupils who have learnt Latin for only a year.

Long sentences have been broken up or curtailed, and much of the early part of the selection has been entirely rewritten.

The Exercises are based on the text, but do not follow it too slavishly.

Caesar: Gallic War, Books, I, IV and V.

Edited, with introductions, notes, and vocabularies, by E. S. SHUCKBURGH, Litt.D. New and fully illustrated edition, with long vowels marked in the text. 1s. 6d. each. [Books II, III, VI, and VII are in preparation.]

Selection from Livy XXIII--XXVI. Edited by T. C. Weatherhead, M.A. [In preparation.]

The Battle of Salamis, in easy Attic Greek, simplified from Herodotus, with notes and vocabulary, by G. M. Edwards, M.A. With a map and illustrations.

Plato: The Apology of Socrates. Edited by Mrs. J. Adam. [In preparation.]

Homer: Odyssey, Books VI and VII. Edited by G. M. Edwards, M.A. [In preparation.]

SOURCE: Salamis in Easy Attic Greek. With Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary.
Edited by G. M. Edwards, M.A., Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
Cambridge University Press, 1913 (Cambridge Elementary Classics).


Arranged alphabetically by author and title

(Gaius Iulius Caesar)

Caesar: Gallic War Book I.
E. S. Shuckburgh, ed.
1933 (reprint of new edition).
Hardback. No dustwrapper. xxxii + 152 pages. Illustrated, map, plans.

Caesar: Gallic War Book III.
E. S. Shuckburgh, ed.
Hardback with illustrations and maps (one foldout at rear).Text in Latin. Introduction and Notes in English. Vocabulary (Latin/English). 78 pages. Size: 4 1/2 x 7 inches.

Caesar: Gallic War Book VII.
E. S. Shuckburgh, ed.
1933 (reprint of the new edition). 1953.
Hardback. No dust wrapper. xxiii, 178 pages. Illustrated, one map, plans. Latin text with notes and vocabulary.

Caesar in Britain and Belgium.
J. H. Sleeman, ed.
Hardback with brown cloth boards. No dustwrapper. Simplified Latin text with English notes.
Caesar in Gaul and Britain: A Consecutive Narrative in Latin and English.
Limebeer, D E; Minchin, A M
Hardback with pictorial boards. No dust jacket.

(Marcus Tullius Cicero)

A Case of High Treason: Being Cicero's Speech in Defence of Gaius Rabirius.
Humfrey Grose-Hodge, ed.

Correspondence: Easy Selections.

Murder at Larinum. Being the Narrative Portions of Cicero's Speech pro Cluentio.
Humfrey Grose-Hodge, ed.
1932. 1959. Reprint.
Hardback. No dustwrapper. xviii, 93pp. Size: 12mo.

M. Tulli Ciceronis in Catilinam Oratio Prima.
J. H. Flather, ed.
Hardback (brown cloth boards). No dustwrapper. xx + 81pp.

Verres in Sicily.
Humfrey Grose-Hodge & E. W. Davies, eds.
Hardback (brown cloth covers). No dustwrapper. 133 pages. Size: 17 x 11.5 cm. (0.4 x 6.5 x 4.5 Inches).

(Quintus Curtius Rufus)

Alexander the Great: Drawn Mostly from Q. Curtius' Life of Alexander.
W. S. Hett, ed.
1935 (hardback).
Paperback (2016) [available through "Print on Demand" system]. Size: 178 x 127 mm.
Latin text with English introduction, notes and glossary. 112 pages.

"First published in 1935, as part of the Cambridge Elementary Classics series, this book presents an account of Alexander the Great drawn almost exclusively from the writings of the Roman historian Quintus Curtius Rufus. The text is presented in the original Latin with English section headings. Detailed notes, a vocabulary guide and maps are also incorporated. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in ancient history, Latin and the life of Alexander the Great."


Euripides: The Cyclops.
D. M. Simmonds and R. R. Timberlake, eds.
1948. 1963 reprint.
Hardback (white boards). No dust wrapper. xxx + 78 pages.


Herodotus: Book VI.
E. S. Shuckburgh, ed.
1889. 2010.
The original Greek text of the sixth book of the histories of Herodotus is accompanied by an introduction, illustrative maps, exhaustive explanatory notes, and an index of historical and geographic references.

Salamis in Easy Attic Greek, with Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary.
G. M. Edwards, ed.
First published 1913. Reprinted 1951.
Hardback. No dust wrapper. 78 pages. Greek text, accompanied by introduction, notes, vocabulary, and index of proper names. One map and three pages of illustrations.

"This adaption of part of Herodotus, much shortened and simplified, is intended for students in their second year of Greek reading.The re-written text is mainly Attic; but a few Ionic touches have been maintained for their literary value. The subject-matter is of great and varied interest; and there is an abundance of useful idiom. The excellent editions of Dr Shuckburgh and Drs How and Wells and Dean Blakesley's admirable Excursus on the battle of Salamis have been found very useful." -- Preface.


The Odyssey of Homer: Books VI and VII With Notes and Vocabulary.
G. M. Edwards, ed.
First published in 1915. Reprinted in 1954, 1959.
Hardback. No dust jacket. Text of Books VI and VII in Greek, accompanied by notes, vocabulary and index of proper names . Illustrated. 71 pages. Size: 16mo.

(Titus Livius)

Hannibal. The Scourge of Rome. Being Selections from Livy XXI.
E. D. C. Lake & F. S. Porter, eds.
First published in 1934. 1976. 1978.
First edition was published as hardback (bound in brown cloth) with no dustwrapper. Text in Latin of Book 21 of Livy followed by glossary, and notes in English. 104 pages.

Liviana: A Second Year Reader and Writer Based on Livy I and II.
Eleanor Purdie, ed.
1924 (hardback). 2011 (paperback).

"First published in 1924, this volume in the Cambridge Elementary Classics series was created to provide graded reading matter for second-year Latin students. The text is based on selections from Livy's History of Rome, with a few pieces from Ovid's Fasti included for more advanced readers. Original extracts are necessarily simplified and some sentences are interpolated in order to illustrate the desired constructions. Additionally, there are translation exercises for each chapter and a sizeable Latin-English vocabulary is included at the end of the text. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Latin and the history of education."

Scipio Africanus: Selections from Livy, Book XXX.
F. S. Porter, ed.
Hardback; no dustwrapper. Latin text (recounts Scipio's defeat of Hannibal at the battle of Zama) with English notes.

The Story of the Kings of Rome.
G. M. Edwards, ed.
Hardback (brown cloth). No dust jacket. Text in Latin adapted from Livy's history.


Selections: Martial and Pliny the Younger.
E. C. Kennedy, ed.
Hardback. Date: 1942. 144 pages.


Ovid: Metamorphoses, Book VIII.
Edited with notes and vocabulary by W. C. Summers.
1934. Reprinted 1956.
Small green hardback. No dust wrapper. xx + 107 pages.

Phaethon and Other Stories from Ovid.
First published as hardback in 1957. New paperback copies available in 2014 via "Print on Demand" system.

This book presents the Latin text of the Phaethon myth as recounted by Ovid, together with other stories from the Metamorphoses. An English-language introduction and editorial notes are also included.


The Apology of Socrates.
Edited by Adela Marion Adam
1914. 1925. 1969.
Hardcover (tan cloth). No dust wrapper. Greek text, English notes.

James Adam, ed.
1940. 1984.


Selections: Martial and Pliny the Younger.
E. C. Kennedy, ed.
Hardback. Date: 1942. 144 pages.


The Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles.
Hardback. No dust wrapper.


Thucydides: Book IV, Chapters I-XLI (Pylus and Sphacteria).
Edited by J. H. E. Crees and J. C. Wordsworth.
1954. 2011.
Hardback (maroon cloth). xvi + 96 pages. Size: 11.5 x 17 cm.


The Aeneid of Vergil, Book II.
Arthur Sidgwick, ed.
Small hardback (red cloth). 101 pages. With vocabulary translation and index.

The Aeneid of Vergil: Book IV.
Arthur Sidgwick, ed.
Hardback. No dustjacket. Includes vocabulary. 102 pages.

The Aeneid of Vergil: Book VI.
Arthur Sidgwick, ed.
1945. 1950.
Hardback (brown cloth). No dust wrapper. 127 pages. With notes and vocabulary.

Georgics IV (Georgicon Liber IV).
1958. Reprinted 1962.

Tilly, ed.


The Anabasis of Xenophon: Volume 4, Book IV.
G. M. Edwards, ed.
1898 (hardback). 2011 (paperback).

"Published in 1898 as part of the Cambridge Elementary Classics series, this edition of the fourth book of Xenophon's Anabasis was originally intended for use in schools, the volume contains substantial supplementary material to assist with the Greek text, including an English introduction covering the seven books of the Anabasis and the life of Xenophon,
textual notes, a substantial glossary, and indices for the proper names and grammatical constructions found in the work."


Four Latin Authors
Hardback.. 240 pages.

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