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Publisher: John Calder (Publishers) Ltd. Country: United Kingdom. Date: c. 1962.

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Arranged alphabetically by title

CB1. Alger Hiss: In the Court of Public Opinion.
CB2. Albert Maltz: A Long Day in a Short Life.
CB3. Fyodor Dostoievsky: Summer Impressions.
CB4. Eduard Morike: Mozart's Journey to Prague.
CB5. John Atkins: Graham Green: A Critical Study.
CB6, Iris Merle: Portuguese Panorama.
CB7. Edward Lockspeiser: The Literary Clef.
CB8. Princess Dashkov: Memoirs of Princess Dashkov.
CB9. Leo Tolstoy: The Devil and Family Happiness.
CB10. Jeremias Gotthelf: The Black Spider.

CB11. Gangrene: Torture in the Modern World.
CB12. John Wain: International Literary Annual 2.
CB13. Harold Hobson: International Theatre Annual 4.
CB14. Angus Heriot: The Castrati in Opera.
CB15. Eugene Ionesco: Plays Vol. II.
CB16. G. Strickland: Selected Journalism of Stendhal.
CB17. Anton Chekhov: Wife for Sale.
CB18. Eugene Ionesco: Plays Vol. I.
CB19. Frank Caprio: Variations in Sexual Behaviour.
CB20. Pieyre de Mandriagues: The Girl Beneath the Lion.

CB21. Philip Noel-Baker: The Arms Race.
CB22. Eugene Ionesco: Plays Vol. IV.
CB23. Marguerite Duras: The Little Horses of Tarquinia.
HW [sic]. Maxwell Geismar: The Last of the Provincials.
CB24. Aidan Higgins: Felo de Se.
CB25. Harold Rosenthal: Opera Annual No. 7.
CB26. Harold Hobson: International Theatre Annual 5.
CB27. Boyars and Lyon: International Literary Annual 3.
CB28. Stendhal: Rome, Naples and Florence.
CB29. Marguerite Duras: The Square.
CB30. Alain Robbe-Grillet:
The Voyeur.

CB31. Eugene Ioneso: Plays Vol. III.
CB32. Monique Lange, Alan Burns, Dino Buzatti: New Writers One.
CB33. H. H. Stuckenschmidt: Arnold Schoenberg.
CB34. Nathalie Sarraute: Portrait of a Man Unknown.
CB35. Alain Robbe-Grillet: Jealousy.
CB36. Sadegh Hedayat: The Blind Owl.
CB37. Alvah Bessie: The Unamericans.
CB38. Alister Kershaw: A History of the Guillotine.
CB39. Alan Valentine: The Education of an American.
Cb40. Vestijk, Pinget etc.: New Writers Two.

CB41. Robert Walser: The Walk and Other Stories.
CB42. A. von Chamisso: Peter Schlemihl.
CB43. Theodor Storm: Viola Tricolor and Other Stories.
CB44. Lucian: True History and Lucius and the Ass.
CB45. F. H. K. de la Motte-Fouquet: Undine.
CB46. Pedro Antonio de Alarçon: The Three-Cornered Hat.
CB47. Annette von Droste-Hülsdorf: The Jew's Beech.
CB48. Harold Rosenthal: Opera Annual No. 8.
CB50. E. P. Thompson: Out of Apathy.

* * * * *

CB57. Audrey Williamson: Wagner Opera.
CB58. Pierre Petit: Verdi.
CB59. Michel Hoffman: Tchaikovsky.
CB60. Stanley Sadie: Handel.

CB61. Khushwant Singh: I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale.
CB62. E. T. A. Hoffamn: The King's Bride.
CB63. Dola de Jong: The Tree and the Vine.
CB64. Gerhardt Hauptmann: The Heretic of Soana.
CB65. Prosper Merimée: A Slight Misunderstanding.
CB66. Georges Valensin: Parents by Proxy: An Examination of the Techniques and Effects of Artificial Insemination.
CB67. D. Mercer, D. Castelain, S. Belles, J. Lind: New Writers Three.
CB68. Arthur Adamov: Paolo Paoli.
CB69. Andree Gorz: The Traitor.
CB70. Rollo Myers: Twentieth-Century Music.

CB71. Stanley Sadie: Mozart.
CB72. Ronald Senator: Beethoven.
CB73. Ericu Walter White: Stravinsky.
CB74. Claude Samuel: Prokofief.
CB75. Luc-Andree Marcel: Bach.
CB76. Norman Demuth: Berlioz.
CB77. F. R. Bastide: Brahms.
CB78. Claude Rostand: Liszt.
CB79. Reginald Wollard: Donizetti.
CB80. A. G. Ross: Richard Strauss.

CB82. A. Robbe-Grillet: Last Year at Marienbad.

* * * * *

Further volumes in the series (details to be added)

Alexander Reissner: Belfry of Bruges.

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