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The Bushcraft Handbooks
Publisher: Dymock's Book Arcade, Sydney. Country: Australia. Date:1960.

Ropes and Cords - Graves (Bushcraft Handbooks/Dymocks) (image)

Ropes and Cords
by Richard Graves.
Sydney, Dymock's Book Arcade Ltd., 1960 (The Bushcraft Handbooks, 1).
Paperback. 32 pages.

Series Note:
All of the books were written by Richard Graves [Richard H. Graves],formerly "Commanding Officer, Australian Jungle Survival & Rescue Detachment on active service with the American Air Force".

Each of the books were described as "invaluable handbook for scouts, bushwalkers and servicemen".

Arranged alphabetically by title

1: Ropes and Cords.
2: Huts and Thatching.
3: Campcraft.
4: Food and Water.
5: Fire Making.
6: Knots and Lashings.
7: Tracks and Lures.
8: Snares and Traps.
9: Travel and Gear.
10: Time and Direction.

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