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The Buildings of England
Publisher: Penguin Books. Country: U.K. Date: 1951- .

Northumberland (The Buildings of England) (Penguin) (image)

Northumberland by Nikolaus Pevsner

Penguin Books, 1957. First edition.
(The Buildings of England)

Series Note:

Serial No./Title/Year First Published

BE1 Cornwall (1951)
BE2 Nottinghamshire (1951)
BE3 Middlesex (1951)
BE4 North Devon (1952)
BE5 South Devon (1952)
BE6 London [Volume II] except the Cities of London and Westminster (1952)
BE7 Hertfordshire (1953)
BE8 Derbyshire (1953)
BE9 County Durham (1953)
BE10 Cambridgeshire (1954)

BE11 Essex (1954)
BE12 London (Volume I): The Cities of London and Westminster (1957)
BE13 North Somerset and Bristol (1958)
BE14 South and West Somerset (1958)
BE15 Northumberland (1957)
BE16 Shropshire (1958)
BE17 Yorkshire: The West Riding (1959)
BE18 Leicestershire and Rutland (1960)
BE19 Buckinghamshire (1960)
BE20 Suffolk (1961)

BE21 Surrey (1962)
BE22 Northamptonshire (1961)
BE23 North-East Norfolk and Norwich (1962)
BE24 North-West and South Norfolk (1962
BE25 Herefordshire (1963)
BE26 Wiltshire (1963)
BE27 Lincolnshire (1964)
BE28 Sussex (1965)
BE29 Yorkshire: The North Riding (1966)
BE30 Berkshire (1966)

BE31 Warwickshire (1966)
BE32 Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (1967)
BE33 Cumberland and Westmorland (1967)
BE34 Bedfordshire and the County of Huntingdon and Peterborough (1968
BE35 Worcestershire (1968)
BE36 South Lancashire (1969)
BE37 North Lancashire (1969)
BE38 West Kent and the Weald (1970; printed date: 1969
BE39 North East and East Kent (1969)
BE40 Gloucestershire: The Cotswolds (1970)

BE41 Gloucestershire: The Vale and Forest of Dean (1970)
BE42 Cheshire (1971)
BE43 Yorkshire: York and the East Riding (1972)
BE44 Dorset (1972)
BE45 Oxfordshire (1974)
BE46 Staffordshire (1974)
BE47 London 2: South (1983)
BE48 London 3: North West (1991)
BE49 London 4: North (1998)

BE51 The Buildings of Wales: Powys (Montgomershire, Radnorshire, Breconshire) (1979)

BE81 The Buildings of Ireland: Northwest Ulster (The Counties of Londonderry, Donegal, Fermanagh and Tyrone) (1979)

Further Reading

The Buildings of England: a short history and bibliography by Bridget Cherry. Penguin Collectors' Society, 1983.

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