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Billabong Books
Publisher: Ward, Lock & Co. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1910-84.

Bill of Billabong - Mary Grant Bruce (Billabong Books/Ward, Lock) (image)

Bill of Billabong
by Mary Grant Bruce.
London, Ward, Lock & Co., 1967 (Billabong Books, 10).
Hardback with dust wrapper.

Series Note: The Billabong Books series of children's books was published by Ward, Lock & Co., Limited, of London, Melbourne and Toronto. The series was printed in Great Britain (e.g. by the printing firm Butler & Tanner, of Frome and London).

Each of the books in the series was written by Mary Grant Bruce. "Mary Grant Bruce (24 May 1878 - 2 July 1958), also known as Minnie Bruce, was an Australian children's author and journalist. While all her thirty-seven books enjoyed popular success in Australia and overseas, particularly in the United Kingdom, she was most famous for the Billabong series, focussing on the adventures of the Linton family on Billabong Station in Victoria and in England and Ireland during World War I." -- Eyebrowse Books

The books in this series are turn of the [20th] century ... tales either set in the Australian bush or about the beloved Billabong characters on their journeys abroad where jolly good fun was abundant, the folks were friendly, the animals were rowdy and the challenges they faced were thrilling yet mostly G rated." -- Horse Books Plus

(a) 1910-42: Hardback. The first published volumes in this period had gilt-embossed boards and were issued without dust wrappers. Later volumes in this period had gilt-embossed boards and were issued with dust wrappers.
(b) 1977-84: Hardback with laminated covers and issued without dust wrappers.
(c):1974-77: Paperback reprints (the covers were emblazoned with words "Billabong Classics").

Most of the hardback volumes published included a frontispiece plate and several (often three) B&W plates as various places throughout the volume.

Volume Number / Title / First Year of Publication

1. A Little Bush Maid (1910)
2. Mates at Billabong (1912)
3. Norah of Billabong (1913)
4. From Billagong to London (1914)
5. Jim and Wally (1915) [browse online reprint copy of this book here]
6. Captain Jim (1916)
7. Back to Billabong (1919)
8. Billabong's Daughter (1924)
9. Billabong Adventures (1928)
10. Bill of Billabong (1933)
11. Billabong's Luck (1931)
12. Wings Above Billabong (1935)
13. Billabong Gold (1937)
14. Son of Billabong (1939)
15. Billabong Riders (1942)

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