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Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature
Publisher: The Chinese University Press. Country: Hong Kong. Date: 2002-09.

True Story of Ah Q - Lu Xun (Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature/Chinese University Press) (image)

The True Story of Ah Q
by Lu Xun
Hong Kong, The Chinese University Press, 2003
(Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature).
ISBN 10: 9629960443 / ISBN 13: 9789629960445.
Paperback. 160 pages.

About this book and its author:
"A towering figure in the literary history of twentieth-century China, Lu Xun has exerted immense and continuous influence through his short stories, which remain today as powerful as they were first written. While echoes of these stories can still be heard in the fictional works from both sides of the Taiwan Strait in the eighties and nineties, 'The True Story of Ah Q' has long become an intrinsic part of the Chinese vocabulary.Like many Chinese intellectuals searching for a solution to China's problems, Lu Xun went to Japan to study medicine, a choice he later abandoned for a career in writing, which he considered to be a far more effective weapon to save China. A prolific author of pungent and 'dagger-like' essays, Lu Xun is also a tireless translator of Western critical and literary works. His fictional works have been translated into more than twenty languages."

About the translators:
"Gladys Yang and Yang Xianyi are the most distinguished team of Chinese-English translators. Besides Lu Xun, they have also translated many classics of traditional Chinese literature."

Source of above quotations: Publisher's blurb.

Series Note:
This series is known as the "Bilingual series on modern Chinese literature" (in English) and as the "Zhongguo xian dai wen xue Zhong Ying dui zhao xi lie" (in Chinese transliterated into Roman characters).

The Advisory Committee for this series was:
- William Tay, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Other committee members
- Howard Goldblatt, University of Notre Dame
- Jeffrey C. Kinkley, St. John's University
- Kwok-kan Tam, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Title / Author(s) / Translator(s) / Publication Year

A Q zheng zhuan / The true story of Ah Q
Original Chinese text by Lu Xun ; translated by Yang Xianyi and Gladys Yang.
2002; 2004

Cah guan = Teahouse
by She Lao; John Howard-Gibbon

Cheng nan jiu shi / Memories of Peking : south side stories / original Chinese text by Lin Hai-yin ; translated by Nancy C. Ing and Chi Pang-yuan.

Ciluhu-de-youyu : Duanmu-Hongliang duanpian-xiaoshuoxuan ; Zhong-Ying-duizhao-ban = The sorrows of Egret Lake : selected short stories of Duanmu Hongliang
by Hongliang Duanmu; Howard Goldblatt

Leng de wen xue : Gao Xingjian zhu zuo xuan = Cold Literature: Selected by Gao Xingjian
by Xingjian Gao; Gilbert Chee Fun Fong; Mabel Lee

Lin Jia pu zi ; Chun can = The shop of the Lin family & ; Spring silkworms
[Lin jia pu zi = The shop of the Lin family ; Chun can = Spring silkworms]

Original Chinese text by Mao Dun ; translated by Sidney Shapiro.

Luotuo-Xiangzi = Camel Xiangzi / Monograph
by She Lao; Xiaojing Shi

Qiwan: the chess master
by Cheng A; William John Francis Jenner

Ran bu jiang de nu_ er : Xiao Hong duan pian xiao shuo xuan = The dyer's daughter : selected stories of Xiao Hong
by Hong Xiao; Howard Goldblatt

Selected stories of Shen Congwen
by Congwen Shen; Jeffrey C Kinkley

Taipei jen = Taipei People
by Pai Hsien-Yung [Xianyong Bai]
2005; 2010

Yashe xiaopin xuanji Zhong-ying duizhao ban = From a cottager's sketchbook
by Liang Shiqiu zhu [Shih-Chiu Liang]; Chen Dazun Ying yi [Ta-tsun Chen]
2 volumes

Ye cao : Zhong Ying dui zhao ban = Wild grass
by Xun Lu; Xianyi Yang

Zhou Zuoren : san wen xuan : Zhong ying dui zhao
[Sanwenxuan = Selected essays]
by Zuoren Zhou; David E Pollard

Zhu fu ji qi ta = The New Year sacrifice and other stories
by Lu Xun; Gladys Yang; Xianyi Yang

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