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The Belle Sauvage Library
Publisher: Cassell & Company Ltd. Country: U.K. Date: c. 1963.

The Comedies of Terence (La Belle Sauvage Library/Cassell) (image)

The Comedies of Terence
Robert Graves, ed. Echard, tr.
London: Cassell & Company Ltd., 1963 (The Belle Sauvage Library).
Octavo-sized hardcover, with gilt spine titling. 335 pages.

Series Note: "Penguin Books are famous as publishers not only of reprints but also of 'originals' which have become standard definitive works, winning a reputation for authority and excellence in their fields unsurpassed in any format. In response to widespread demand for a permanent hard-backed edition of the 'originals'. Cassell are publishing a series of the finest and best-known titles in a more durable form. Where necessary the illustrations and text have been brought up-to-date. All titles illustrated in the Penguin edition, and some not so endowed, have been fully illustrated in the Cassell edition."
-- Description from the dust wrapper of A New DIctionary of Music by Arthur Jacobs (Cassell, 1961) (The Belle Sauvage Library) (originally published by Penguin Books, 1958).

The first twelve titles of The Belle Sauvage Library:

1. European Painting and Sculpture - Eric Newton

2. A History of Western Literature - J. M. Cohen

3. A Dictionary of Ballet - G. B. L. Wilson

4. The Romans - R. H. Barrow

5. A Guide to English Literature - Boris Ford, ed.
Volume I: The Age of Chaucer

6. A Guide to English Literature - Boris Ford, ed.
Volume II: The Age of Shakespeare

7. Comparative Religion - A. C. Bouquet

8. An Introduction to Modern Architecture - J. M. Richards

9. Pharsalia - Lucan (Robert Graves, tr.)

10. Porcelain Through the Ages - George Savage

11. A Dictionary of Music - Arthur Jacobs

12. The Twelve Caesars - Suetonius (Robert Graves, tr.)

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