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Baedeker Reiseführer
(also known as: Baedeker Travel Guides)
Publisher: Polyglott. Country: Germany. Date: ___

Baedeker's Sicily (image)

Baedeker's Sicily (publication date: 2000)

Series Note: "Quick and easy to consult, the principal features of interest are described in the main 'Sights From A To Z' section, with each entry cross-referenced to the large folded map that completes this handy map and guide pack. Detailed background information sets the scene: facts and figures about the people, religion, climate and economy, its culture and history, plus a round-up of associated famous people. Special features, colour photographs, colour maps and plans are found throughout the book and the well-organized 'Practical Information' section ensures you can make the most of your stay." (Source: Publisher's blurb for English-language titles published in period 1999-2001.)

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