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Australian Writers and their Work
Publisher: O.U.P., Melbourne Country: Australia. Date: Mid-1960s- .

Kenneth Mackenzie by Evan Jones (O.U.P.) (Australian Writers and their Work) (image)

Front cover of Kenneth Mackenzie by Evan Jones

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1969
(Australian Writers and their Work)

A critical guide the life and work of the Australian writer Kenneth [Seaforth] Mackenzie.

Backcover of Kenneth Mackenzie by Evan Jones

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1969
(Australian Writers and their Work)

Series Note: "This series is designed to provide a concise but informative introduction to a number of Australian novelists, dramatists and critics. Each title gives an account of the subject's life, a survey of his writings, and a critical assessment of his place in Australian literary history. The text is accompanied by notes and a bibliography of the subject's work and selected commentary on it.

In its combination of exposition and evaluation, the series aims to furnish the reader with information helpful to an understanding of the writer's work itself, and to foster sympathetic but judicious assessment of its worth. Although the approach and emphasis vary slightly from subject to subject, the constant purpose of the series is to treat each writer readably and accurately in a manner suitable equally to senior schoolchildren, university students, scholars and the general reader. The author of each title is a scholar or critic chosen for his expert knowledge of the subjects life and work." -- Publisher's blurb

The Australian Writers and their Work series was originally published by the Lansdowne Press, Melbourne. From about the mid-1960s the series was taken over by the Australian branch of Oxford University Press in Melbourne which republished most of the titles and issued revised and updated editions of certain titles.

Titles arranged in alphabetical order

Rolf Boldrewood
Martin Boyd
John Le Gay Brereton
Marcus Clarke
Frank Dalby Davison
Charles Harpur
William Gosse Hay
Xavier Herbert
Norman Lindsay
James McAuley
Kenneth Mackenzie
Shaw Neilson
Vance Palmer
A. B. Paterson
Katherine Susannah Prichard
Henry Handel Richardson
Christina Read
Douglas Stewart
Louis Stone
Patrick White
Judith Wright

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