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Australian Classics
Publisher: Angus & Robertson. Country: Australia. Date: ___

The Shiralee by Darcy Niland (Australian Classics) (A&R) (image)

The Shiralee by Niland, D'Arcy.

Published by Angus & Robertson, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 1980. (Australian Classics series.)

Series Note: This series of octavo-sized hardbacks with gilt spine titling and attractive dustjackets (that often featured Australian paintings) was published in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.


All the Green Year - Don Charlwood
Australian Bush Ballads - Douglas Stewart & Nancy Keesing
Bush Studies - Barbara Baynton
Caddie - Anon.The Breaker - Kim Denton
Capricornia - Xavier Herbert
The Cattle King - Ion Idriess
The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith - Thomas Keneally
The Crossing: An Anthology of Australian Adolescence - C. P. Watson, ed.
Dad and Dave (On Our Selection and The New Selection) - Steele Rudd
The Desert Column - Ion Idriess

Dig: The Burke and Wills Saga - Frank Clune
Dusty - Frank Dalby Davison
Flynn of the Inland - Ion Idriess
For Love Alone - Christine Stead
For the Term of his Natural Life - Marcus Clarke
The Fortunes of Richard Mahony - Henry Handel Richardson
Gallipoli - Jack Bennett
The Harp in the South - Ruth Park
The Heroes - Ronald McKie
A History of Australia - Marjorie Barnard

The History of Tasmania - John West
History of the Australian Gold Rushes - Nancy Keesing, ed.
Humorous Stories of Henry Lawson
The Irishman - Elizabeth O'Connor
Jonah - Louis Stone
Kangaroo - D. H. Lawrence
Lasseter's Last Ride - Ion Idriess
The Lucky Country - Donald Horne
The Man from Snowy River - A. B. Paterson
The Man Who Loved Children - Christina Stead

The Merry-Go-Round in the Sea - Randolph Snow
My Brilliant Career - Miles Franklin
My Career Goes Bung - Miles Franklin
My Love Must Wait - Ernestine Hill
Naked Under Capricorn - Olaf Ruhen
Ned Kelly: Australian Son - Max Brown
Old Bush Songs - Douglas Stewart & Nancy Keesing, eds.
Poor Man's Orange - Ruth Park
Power Without Glory - Frank Hardy
The Red Chief - Ion Idriess

The Ridge and the River - T. A. G. Hungerford
Robbery Under Arms - Rolf Boldrewood
Rum Rebellion - H. V. Evatt
Selected Stories - Frank Moorhouse
Seven Poor Men of Sydney - Christina Stead
The Shiralee - D'Arcy Niland
Such Is Life - Joseph Furphy (Tom Collins)
The Timeless Land Trilogy (The Timeless Land; Storm of Time; No Barrier) - Eleanor Dark
To the Islands - Randolph Snow
Tourmaline - Randolph Snow

The Unknown Industrial Prisoner - David Ireland
Voyage to Disaster - Henrietta Drake-Brockman
Wake in Fright - Kenneth Cook
We of the Never-Never and The Little Black Princess - Mrs Aeneas Gunn
Wild Colonial Boys - Frank Clune

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