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Publisher: Assimil. Country: France. Date: ___

Italian Without Toil (Assimil, 1951) (image)

Italian Without Toil by A. Chérel (Assimil, 1951)

Series Note:

(A) For French speakers
Books in series in 1965
L'allemand sans peine (Méthode quotidienne Assimil) (in print as early as 1948)
L'anglais sans peine
L'espagnol sans peine (Méthode quotidienne Assimil)
L'italien sans peine (Méthode quotidienne Assimil)
Le russe sans peine

New Books in Series in 1970s/1980s
L'arabe sans peine
L'arabe sans peine: transcription phonétique
Le chinois sans peine (vols. 1, 2)
Le grec sans peine
Le latin sans peine
Le nouvel anglais sans peine
Le pratique de l'anglais (book with 3 audio cassettes)
Le portuguais sans peine
Le serbo-croate sans peine
Pour mieux connaître l’arabe (Collection bilingue)
Pour mieux connaître le chinois (Collection bilingue)
Pour mieux connaître le japonais (Collection bilingue)

(B) For English speakers

French without toil (first published 1940)
Dutch without toil. (Daily Assimil method)
German without toil
Italian without toil
Spanish without toil
Russian without toil (first published 1958)

Page from Italian Without Toil (Assimil, 1950) (image)

"Parla italiano?"
"Non ancora; è la mia prima lezione!"
("Do you speak Italian?"
"Not yet; it's my first lesson!")
(Page from Italian Without Toil, 1950 edition)

Page from Italian Without Toil (Assimil, 1950) (image)

"Questo cane non mi appartiene!"
("This dog does not belong to me!")
(Page from Italian Without Toil, 1950 edition)

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