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Arab Background Series
Publisher: Longman. Place: London and New York.
Joint Publisher: La Librairie du Liban. Place: Beirut, Lebanon.
Series Dates: 1968-1986.

Frankincense and Myrrh : A Study of The Arabian Incense Trade (image)

Frankincense and Myrrh : A Study of The Arabian Incense Trade
by Nigel Groom
London and New York: Longman, and Beirut: Librairie du Liban, 1981 (Arab Background Series).
Hardback (forest green cloth with gilt letters on spine). Dustwrapper (black background with photo illustration). 285 pages.

"Describes the various uses of incense and other aromatics in ancient days. It explores the origins of the trade, looks at the Old Testament references, with a new conclusion about the origins of the Queen of Sheba, and comments on accounts of the trade by classical authors, including some which have not previously appeared in English translation. ... A final chapter raises the possibilities of climatic change in Arabia in historical times as a factor in the decline of the trade." -- Dustwrapper blurb

Series Note:
"The Arab World has, for some time, been attracting the attention of a growing public throughout the world. The strategic position of the Arab countries, the oil they produce, their sudden emancipation and emergence as independent states, their revolutions and coups d'état, have been the special concern of statesmen, politicians, businessmen, scholars and journalists, and of equal interest to the general public.

An appreciation of the present-day problems of Arab countries and of their immediate neighbours demands a certain knowledge of their geographical and social background; and a knowledge of the main trends of their history -- political, cultural and religious -- is essential for an understanding of current issues. Arabs had existed long before the advent of Islam in the seventh century AD, but it was with Islam that they became a world power. Arab civilization, which resulted from the contacts the Arabs had of this world power, and which reached its height in the ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries, was, for a few centuries that followed, the guiding light of a large part of the world. Its rôle cannot, thus, be ignored.

The Arab Background Series provides the English-speaking, educated reader with a series of books which attempt to clarify the historical past of the Arabs and to analyse their present problems. The contributors to the series, who come from many parts of the world, are all specialists in their own fields. This variety of approach and attitude creates for the English-speaking reader a unique picture of the Arab World."

"Editor's Preface" (by N. A. Ziadieh), in: Frankincense and Myrrh: A Study of the Arabian Incense Trade, London and New York: Longman; and Beirut: Librairie du Liban, 1981 (Arab World Series), p. ix.

Series Editor: Nicola A. Ziadieh, Emiritus Professor of History, American University of Beirut

Title / Author / Publication Year

The Arab Conquest of the Western Sahara : Studies of the Historical Events, Religious Beliefs and Social Customs Which Made the Remotest Sahara a Part of the Arab World
by H. T. Norris

The Arabs and Mediaeval Europe
by Norman Daniel

Arab Civilization to AD 1500
by D.  M. Dunlop [Derrick Melville Dunlop]

The Berbers in Arabic literature
by H. T. Norris

Christianity Among the Arabs in Pre-Islamic Times
by J. Spencer Trimington

Frankincense and Myrrh : A Study of The Arabian Incense Trade
by Nigel Groom

The Influence of Islam Upon Africa
by J. Spencer Trimington
2nd ed.: 1980

Origins and Early Development of Shi'a Islam
by J. H. M. Jafri [Husain Masudul Jafri]

Railways in the Middle East : Political and Economic Background
by Shereen Khairallah

Sa'udi Arabia
by Harry St J. B. Philby [Harry Saint-John Bridger Philby]

Social Life Under the Abbasids : 170 - 289 A.H., 786 - 902 A.D.
by M. M. Assan [Muhammad Manazir Ahsan]

Syria and Lebanon : A Political Essay
by Nicola A. Ziadeh [Nicola Abdo Ziadeh]

What is Islam?
by W. Montgomery Watt [William Montgomery Watt]

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