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Angus & Robertson's School Series
(also referred to as: Australian School Series)

Publisher: Angus and Robertson. Country: Australia. Date: 1894.

Grammar and Derivation (A&R's School Series) (image)

Grammar and Derivation Book for Use in Australian Schools.
Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1894 (Angus & Robertson's School Series).
Soft covers.

Series Note:

Arranged alphabetically by title

Grammar and Derivation Book.

Table Book and Mental Arithmetic.

Chief Events and Dates in English History. Pts. 1 and 2.

History of Australia.

Geography of Australia. Pts. 1 and 2.

Euclid. Books I, II and III.

Arithmetic -- Home Exericises for Class III + Answers.

Arithmetic -- Home Exericises for Class IV + Answers.

Arithmetic and Mensuration -- Home Exercises for Class V + Answers.

Algebra. Pts. I and II + Answers.

Geography of New South Wales.

Spelling Books for Pupils Using Collins' Second, Third and Fourth Australian Readers.

Sources of above list:
Doing Something for Australia: George Robertson and the Early Years of Angus and Robertson, Publishers, 1888-1900, by Jennifer Alison. Melbourne, Bibliographic Society of Australia and New Zealand, 2009, p. 281. NOTE: This book refers to the above-mentioned series as the "Australian School Series".



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