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Advancement of Science Series
Publisher: Hutchinson's Scientific & Technical Publications.
Place: London, United Kingdom. Date: 1942-1943.

War and Disease by Ralph H. Major (image)

War and Disease
by Ralph H. Major
London: Hutchinson's Scientific and Technical Publications, 1943 (Advancement of Science Series, No.3).
Hardback. Dust jacket. 190 pages. 8 unnumbered leaves of plates. Illustrations. Size: 22 cm. Notes and bibliographical references.

ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE SERIES (HUTCHINSON'S SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS) Series Note: Hutchinson's Scientific & Technical Publications was an imprint of Hutchinson Limited, London.

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Twins and Super-twins: A Study of Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets and Quintuplets
by Horatio Hackett Newman
Undated but ca. 1942
Hardback. Dust wrapper. 164 pages. 4 page index; 8 page bibliography. Illustrations, portraits, plates: 19 photographs. 22 cm. Printed on wartime economy paper. Originally published circa 1940, as “Multiple Human Births” in the U.S. , as part of “The American Association for the Advancement of Science Series”.

Allergy: Strangest of All Maladies, etc.
by Warren Taylor Vaughan
Frontispiece by Leslie Gill; 22 line drawings by John P. Tillary.
Undated but ca. 1942
Hardback. Dust wrapper. 160 pages. Main sections: foreword; 5 parts (26 chapters); appendix; and index.

War and Disease
by Ralph H. Major
Undated but ca. 1943
Hardback. Dust wrapper. 190 pages, 8 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 22 cm.

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