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The Portable Voltaire (image)

including Serial No.

(A) VIKING. New York, c. 1952 [Info Source: Portable Arabian Nights] [Cover Design: Robert Hallcock]
Age of Reason Reader P63
Blake P26
Cervantes P57
Chaucer P47
Chekhov P35
Colderidge P48
Conrad P33
Dante P32
DH Lawrence P28
Dorothy Parker P4
Elizabethan Reader P27
Emerson P25
Faulkner P18
Gibbon P60
Greek Reader P39
Hawthorne P38
Henry James P55
Irish Reader P19
Johnson and Boswell P34
Mark Twain P20
Matthew Arnold P45
Maupassant P29
Medieval Reader P46
Melville P58
Milton P44
Nietzsche P62
Oscar Wilde P16
Plato P40
Poe P12
Poets of the English Language: Elizabethan and Jacobean Poets P50
Poets of the English Language: Medieval and Renaissance Poets P49
Poets of the English Language: Restoration and Augustan Poets P51
Poets of the English Language: Romantic Poets P52
Poets of the English Language: Victorian and Edwardian Poets P53
Rabelais P21
Renaissance Reader P61
Roman Reader P56
Romantic Reader P64
Russian Reader P23
Shakespeare P8
Sherwood Anderson P42
Steinbeck P2
Swift P37
The Greek Historians P65
The Portable Arabian Nights P59
Thoreau P31
Veblen P36
Voltaire P41
Walt Whitman P11
World Bible P5

(B1) PENGUIN. Harmondsworth, c. 1980-90 [Info Source: 80s VP’s] [Cover Design: Neil Stuart]
Blake 015.026.9
Cervantes 015.057.9
Chaucer 015.081.1
Coleridge 015.048.X
Dante 015.032.3
Emerson 015.094.3
Faulkner 015.018.8
Hawthorne 015.038.2
Henry James 015.055.2
Machiavelli 015.092.7
Mark Twain 015.020.X
Medieval Reader 015.046.3
Milton 015.044.7
North American Indian Reader 015.077.3
Oscar Wilde 015.093.5
Plato 015.040.4
Poe 015.012.9
Renaissance Reader 015.061.7
Roamn Reader 015.056.0
Shakespeare 015.008.0
Stephen Crane 015.068.4
Swift 015.037.4
The Greek Historians 015.065.X
Thomas Jefferson 015.080.3
Victorian Reader 015.069.2
Voltaire 015.041.2
Walt Whitman 015.078.1
World Bible 015.005.6

(B1) PENGUIN. Harmondsworth, c. 1980-90 [Info Source: Books bought] [Cover Design: Neil Stuart]
Conservative Reader
DH Lawrence
Edmund Wilson
Romantic Poets: Blake to Poe

(C) PENGUIN. Harmondsworth, c 1985+ [Info Source: Books seen] [Cover Design: Melissa Jacoby]
Chekhov 015.035.8
Malcolm Cowley 015.101.X
Thomas Jefferson 015.080.3

==> Notes on Cover Designs
(A) Robert Hallcock 50s Line and symbolic graphics
(B) Neil Stuart 70s/80s Bkgd - landscape assoc’d w author; inset - author portrait
(C) Melissa Jacoby Late 80s+ Portrait of author; B format

==> Note on ISBNs

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