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The Universal Library
(also known as: Grosset's Universal Library)
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap. Country: United States. Date: Early 1930s- .

Series Note:

Serial Number / Title / Author

UL-1. Christ Stopped at Eboli - Carlo Levi.
UL-2. The Dance of Life - Havelock Ellis.
UL-3. The Good Society - Walter Lippmann.
UL-4. The Late George Apley - John P. Marquand.
UL-5. Man and His Gods.
UL-6. The Measure of Man - Joseph Wood Krutch.
UL-7. Melbourne - Lord David Cecil.
UL-8. Oscar Wilde - Hesketh Pearson.
UL-9. The Puritan Oligarchy: The Founding of American Civilization - Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker.
UL-10. Quackery in the Public Schools - Albert Lynd.

UL-11. Reveille in Washington - Margaret Leech.
UL-12. The Web and the Rock - Thomas Wolfe.
UL-13. The Ides of March - Thornton Wilder.
UL-14. Noble Essences - Sir Osbert Sitwell.
UL-15. Why Was Lincoln Murdered? - Otto Eisenschiml.
UL-16. You Can't Go Home Again - Thomas Wolfe.
UL-17. The Shock of Recognition. Vol. I: The 19th Century - Edmund Wilson, ed.
UL-18. The Shock of Recognition. Vol. II: The 20th Century - Edmund Wilson, ed.
UL-19. Hercules, My Shipmate - Robert Graves.
UL-20. The Selected Letters of Lord Byron - Jacques Barzun, ed.

UL-21. Irish Fairy Tales - William Butler Yeats.
UL-22. South Wind - Norman Douglas.
UL-23. The Uprooted - Oscar Handlin.
UL-24. John Adams and the American Revolution - Catherine Drinker Bowen.
UL-25. The Longhorns - J. Frank Dobie.
UL-26. The Life and Times of Lucrezia Borgia - Maria Bellonci.
UL-27. The Story of My Life - Clarence Darrow.
UL-28. The World of Aldous Huxley - Charles J. Rolo, ed.
UL-29. The Great Plains - Walter Prescott Webb.
UL-30. An American Doctor's Odyssey - Victor Heiser.

UL-31. Four Plays by Ibsen.
UL-32. Shorter Novels of Herman Melville.
UL-33. The Star-Gazer - Zsolt de Harsanyi.
UL-34. Freud and His Time - Fritz Wittels.
UL-35. Primitive Religion - Robert H. Lowie.
UL-36. Maupassant: A Lion in the Path - Francis Steegmuller.
UL-37. The Green Crow - Sean O'Casey.
UL-38. 11 Plays of the Greek Dramatists: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes.
UL-39. 4 Selected Novels of Henry James.
UL-40. The American Presidency - Harold J. Laski.

UL-41. Stalin - Leon Trotsky.
UL-42. U. S. Grant and the American Military Tradition - Bruce Catton.
UL-43. The Vanishing Hero - Sean O'Faolain.
UL-44. Karl Marx: The Red Prussian - Leopold Schwarzschild.
UL-45. Decline and Fall - Evelyn Waugh.
UL-46. Modern Woman: The Lost Sex - Ferdinand Lundberg; Marynia F. Farnham.
UL-47. Andrew Jackson: Border Captain - Marquis James.
UL-48. The Horse's Mouth - Joyce Carey.
UL-49. Green Mansions - W. H. Hudson.
UL-50. Myths of the World - Padraic Colum.

UL-51. The Owl in the Attic - James Thurber.
UL-52. Ms. Eddy - Edwin F. Dakin.
UL-53. Occupation: Writer - Robert Graves.
UL-54. The Tastemakers - Russell Lynes.
UL-55. With Napoleon in Russia - Armand de Caulaincourt.
UL-56. Comedies of Oscar Wilde.
UL-57. Madame Bovary - Gustave Flaubert.
UL-58. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen.
UL-59. Nine Plays of Chekov.
UL-60. McSorley's Wonderful Saloon - Joseph Mitchell.

UL-61. The Art of Love - Ovid.
UL-62. Nijinsky - Rinika Nijinsky.
UL-63. Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky.
UL-64. Mister Jelly Roll - Alan Lomax.
UL-65. The Town and the City - Jack Kerouac.
UL-66. 50 Poems - e. e. cummings.
UL-67. Herself Surprised - Joyce Carey.
UL-68. Jane Austen - Elizabeth Jenkins.
UL-69. Middle-Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze - James Thurber.
UL-70. Selected of Frank Lloyd Wright - F. Gutheim, ed.

UL-71. Eyewitness: The Civil War as We Lived It - Otto Eisenschiml and Ralph Newman.
UL-72. My Life - Leon Trotsky.
UL-73. A Pocketful of Wry - Phyllis McGinley.
UL-74. March of the Iron Men - Burlingham.
UL-75. Editor to Author - Perkins & Wheeler.
UL-76. Speak, Memory - Vladimir Nabokov.
UL-77. Let Your Mind Alone - James Thurber.
UL-78. Disraeli: His Life and Personality - Hesketh Pearson.
UL-79. Roosevelt & Hopkins - Sherwood.
UL-80. To Be a Pilgrim - Joyce Carey.

UL-81. Churchill -Virginia Cowles.
UL-82. D. H. Lawrence - Mary Freeman.
UL-83. Leonardo da Vinci - Vallentin.
UL-84. The Civil War Digest - Newman & Lang.
UL-85. The Seal in the Bedroom - James Thurber.
UL-86. The Murder of the Man Who Was "Shakespeare" - Calvin Hoffman.
UL-87. Inside Benchley - Robert Benchley.
UL-88. What's Ahead in Space: Select Committee in Astronautics & Space Exploration.
UL-89. Good Intentions - Ogden Nash.
UL-90. Myths After Lincoln - Lewis.

UL-91. The Art of the Mystery Story - Howard Haycraft.
UL-92. The Iliad - Chase & Perry.
UL-93. Mythology - Edith Hamilton.
UL-94. Andrew Jackson: Portrait of a President - Marquis James.
UL-95. Go Tell It on the Mountain - James Baldwin.
UL-96. Quo Vadimus - E. B. White.
UL-97. William Glackens & The Ashcan Group - Ira Glackens.
UL-98. Publishers on Publishing - Gerald Cross.
UL-99. Algeria in Turmoil - Michael K. Clark.
UL-100. Human Behavior in the Concentration Camp - Dr. Elie A. Cohen.

Sources of the above checklist:

(1) Stalin: An Appraisal of the Man and his Influence
by Leon Trotsky. Translated from the Russian by Charles Malamuth.
New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1941(?) (The Universal Library, UL-41).

(2) Andrew Jackson: Border Captain
by Marquis James.
New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1933 (The Universal Library, UL-47).

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