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Oxford Paperbacks
Publisher: Oxford University Press. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1960- .

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Thanks to Mr. John A. Mellman for bibliographic information supplied on this series.

Serial Number / Title / Author / Publication Date / Other Details

No. 1. The Roman Revolution - Ronald Syme. 1960.
No. 12. Victorian England: Portrait of an Age - G.M. Young. 1960. Cover design by Edward Ardizzone.
No. 40. Juvenal the Satirist: A Study - Gilbert Highet. 1962.
No. 55. Victorian Essays - G. M. Young. 1962. Chosen and introducted by W. D. Handcock.
No. 60. The Birth of the Middle Ages, 395-814 - H. St. L. B. Moss. 1963.
No. 66. Archetypal Patterns in Poetry: Psychological Studies of Imagination - Maud Bodkin. 1963.
No. 111. Studies in History: British Academy Lectures. Selected and Introduced by Lucy S. Sutherland. 1966.
No. 142. Descartes - S. V. Keeling. 1968.

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