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Indian Railway Library
Publisher: A. H. Wheeler & Co. Country: India. Date: 1888- .
Publisher: Samson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington. Country: UK. Date: 1888- .

The Story of the Gadsbys - R. Kipling (A. H. Wheeler/Indian Railway Library) (image)

The Story of the Gadsbys: A Tale Without a Plot
by Rudyard Kipling
Allahabad: A. H. Wheeler & Co., [1890] (Indian Railway Library, No.2).
(3rd Indian edition.)

Series Note:
"[A] series of pamphlets intended to catch the interest of railway passengers, and offer cheap 'throwaway' reading material..." -- Wikipedia

This series was launched in the years following the construction of the railways in British India. The publisher was A. H. Wheeler & Co., which "had the monopoly on bookstall sales on Indian railway stations" -- Andrew Lycett, Rudyard Kipling. London: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1999. p. 165.

Rudyard Kipling was involved with the launch of this series and at least seven of his works were published in the series (Serial Nos. 1-6 and 14).

Serial Number / Title / Author / First Year of Publication

No. 1. Soldiers Three: A Collection of Stories Setting Forth Certain Passages in the Lives and Adventures of Privates Terence Mulvaney, Stanley Ortheris and John Learoyd - Rudyard Kipling. 1888.

No. 2. The Story of the Gadsbys: A Tale Without a Plot - Rudyard Kipling. [1888?].

No. 3. In Black and White - Rudyard Kipling. [1888?].

No. 4. Under the Deodars - Rudyard Kipling. 1888.

No. 5. The Phantom 'Rickshaw and other Eerie Tales - Rudyard Kipling. 1889.

No. 6. Wee Willie Winkie and Other Child Stories - Rudyard Kipling. 1890.

No. 7. The Colonel's Crime: A Story of To-day; and, Jim's Wife - Ivan O'Beirne. 1889.

No. 8. The Heart of a Maid - Bernice Grange, pseud. [= Alice Kipling]. 1890.

No. 9.

No. 10. The Subaltern, the Policeman and the Little Girl: An Anglo-Indian Sketch Written in English - Brownlow Fforde. 1890.

No. 11. Doctor Victor: A Sketch - Ivan O'Beirne. 1891.

No. 12. The Trotter: A Poona Mystery - Arthur Brownlow Fforde. 1890.

No 13. Whiffs: Anglo-Indian and Indian - Lunkah. 1891.

No. 14. The City of Dreadful Night and Other Places - Rudyard Kipling. 1888.

No. 15. The Maid and the Idol: A Tangled Story of Poona - Arthur Brownlow Fforde. 1891.

No. 16: Dr. Rollison's Dilemma - L. E. Tiddeman. 1892.

No. 17: Major Craik's Craze - Ivan O'Beirne. 1892.

No. 18. Felix Holt Secundus, and A Tosa Monogatari of Modern Times - James Murdoch. [189-?].

No. 19.

No. 20. The Wooing of Webster. Faustus Junior, Ph. D. The Bear Hunt on Fuji-san. - A M.

No. 21.

No. 22. A Yoshiwara Episode: Fred Wilson's Fate - James Murdoch

No. 23: A Romance of Bureaucracy - Alpha-Beta. 1893.

No. 24: That Little Owl: A Tale of a Lunatic, a Loafer, and a Lover - Arthur Brownlow Fforde.

No. 25. Bought to Bay - H. D. E. Forbes. 1894.

No. 26: Mr. & Mrs. John Brown at Home - John Brown. 1893.

Further Titles in this Series - Serial Numbers Unknown

Letters of Marque. Vol. 1 - Rudyard Kipling. 1891.
The One-Eyed Forger, and Other Detective Stories - R. Reid.
Under the Rose - Ivan O'Beirne.

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