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Foreign Countries and British Colonies
Publisher: Sampson Low. Country: United Kingdom. Date: ---.

Series Note: "Cr. [Crown] 8vo [octavo], 3s. 6d. each."

Arranged alphabetically by title

Australia, by J. F. Vesey Fitzgerald.

Austria, by D. Kay, F.R.G.S.

Denmark and Iceland, by E. C. Otté.

Egypt, by S. Lane Poole.

France, by Miss M. Roberts.

Germany, by S. Baring-Gouold.

Greece, by L. Sergeant, B.A.

Japan, by S. Mossman.

Peru, by Clements R. Markham.

Russia, by W. R. Morfill, M.A.

Spain, by Rev. Wentworth Webster.

Sweden and Norway, by Woods.

West Indies, by C. W. Eden, F.R.G.S.

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